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Face-Changing Samurai _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2022 2:13 am
by Harfidut
Miaosi's eyes were tightly closed, her breathing was very weak, and her face was as pale as if it were transparent. There was a long smirk in the sky, and the pale face of the saint in red had become as red as his clothes. Then he turned into a huge mirror again. The smooth mirror was facing the people on the ground. He shouted, "You sinners, accept the judgment of the gods!" The magicians on the hexagram once again displayed their holy light and flowed towards the red coat in the middle. All the light converged on the body of the red coat, and his body once again emitted a dazzling white light. Walk quickly The old magician's face changed dramatically, and his body bounced off in an instant. Over there, Ruolan and Arslan had fought to the point of almost losing both sides. Arslan, as a dragon warrior with all the attributes and powers, had just been in a fierce battle. The fireball and the frozen cold could all be used, which made Ruolan suffer a lot. At the moment, half of Ruolan's armor was covered with a layer of ice, while the other half of the armor seemed to be burned black. Arslan also suffered a lot,Ceramic Band Heater, a trace of blood flowed from the corners of her mouth, and her posture was much slower than before. Ruolan's characteristics seem to be power type, all by her super strength to suppress the other side. Such an opponent, no doubt and Arslan just phase, two people just a fierce battle, have suffered a lot of injuries. Arslan,cordierite c520, who had long been aware of the situation in the air, retreated rapidly, and at the same time drank a dragon's voice. Only heard countless roars, the dragon warriors who were besieging the crowd suddenly all sent out a strange roar. Then the bodies of these guys suddenly swelled up, and the armor on their bodies burst one after another. Almost instantly, all the dragon warriors were transformed into dragons of different sizes! The dragons did not continue to attack Old Mark and others, the dragon wings behind them flapped a few times, and in a moment hundreds of dragons retreated in the direction of Arslan. The old sorcerer was so shocked that he shouted at the top of his voice: "Everyone disperse!!!" Almost stepping on the tail of his voice, a huge beam of light from the sky shot down! Under the huge mirror in the hands of the saint in red, the original light column was magnified more than ten times! After hearing the old magician's cry, ceramic bobbin element ,steatite c221, Ruolan had already moved first, and Old Mark's speed was not slow. But the speed of light is inescapable for these paladin-level people. Old Mark was obviously much more agile than Ruolan. He had jumped out at the moment when the light shone on his body. But for a moment, Old Mark suddenly felt a sudden chill in his body. His body stiffened in midair, as if a large part of his soul had been cut out. The indescribable feeling of pain made his old face almost twisted together. But he still jumped out of the light, although the body fell heavily on the ground, but has come out. The beam of light was magnified more than ten times by the mirror in the hand of the red coat, as if the speed of pulling away energy had increased more than ten times! Ruolan was not so lucky. Her body hit the edge of the light column heavily and was bounced back. Then the light column shone on her body. She soon could not stand. Although she cursed, the sword in her hand shot out in front of her, but the light column seemed to be like an entity. The sword shot to the edge and was blocked back. Ruolan finally did not even have the strength to scold, and her huge body crashed to the ground. The only one who didn't get hurt was Roddy. He knelt there far away with Miaosi in his arms. It seemed that all his body and mind were on Miaosi in his arms. A big hand gently stroked Miaosi's face and said in a deep voice, "Miaosi.." Miaosi.. Miaosi's eyelids trembled slightly a few times, barely opening a thin gap, she did not need to see, but the familiar breath was enough to let her know who was in front of her. Miaosi's lips seemed to have lost their color, and her lips were trembling slightly, as if she wanted to say something, but she was too weak to say a complete sentence. Roddy suppressed his anger and turned his ear sideways.
Roddy.. You quickly.. Run fast Run.. We I can't beat you. That red.. Red.. Roddy's body was trembling, and he could hardly suppress a violent murderous look in his heart, as if he wanted to tear something apart. But the wonderful silk in his bosom, the powerful black veil saint, was as weak as a glass man at the moment. Muse, do you mean the saint in red? Roddy gritted his teeth. The old magician stood not far from Roddy and whispered, "She can't die. It's just that the magic has sucked all her magic away. She's too weak at the moment." Roddy felt as if his heart was about to explode. He gently picked up the wonderful silk and put it beside the old magician. There was a mixture of ice and fire in his eyes, and his tone was cold. "Look at her," he said to the old magician. "I'm going to kill the guy in red!" www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Chapter 299 you never knew. Roddy can clearly feel a force in his body began to recover, although not as strong as before, but this sense of vitality, this feeling of internal flow of fighting spirit, but let Roddy's heart gush out a strong fighting spirit. Holding the machete in both hands, he jumped into the air and quickly shot at the red-clad saint in midair, only to hear Roddy's light shout, and the machete in his hand turned into a cold light and went straight down. But around the six Mang constellations occupied by the saints in red, a white holy light of a barrier emerged in an instant. With a file, Roddy's machete seemed to cut into some metal entity. The huge anti-shock force made Roddy's body bounce out in midair. Court death The saint in red raised his eyebrows. He had focused his attention on Roddy,ceramic bobbin heater core, and then, as before, the huge beam of light shot out of him. It was Roddy!.