Weapon Master of Online Games

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Weapon Master of Online Games

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Also transferred to me in fact I also feel strange but science has also proved that there are such cases a person with a dual personality even if he is usually a gentle person but once the personality is changed that personality is a fierce person then he will not only change his personality but also produce some wonderful changes in his physique Zibing explained Ling Yuntian nodded is enlightened no Purple ice still has such a past compared to her own past her past is not simple In fact I was a little surprised just now No In the game my sister can also control my game characters and do such cruel things Did I scare you I'm sorry Purple ice murmured Ling Yuntian laughed "Nothing but because your sister came out let us easily reverse the situation your sister really strong scary" "Hee hee ~ ~ ~ But in the end it seems that the helmet 12 needle valve
detects that the player has an abnormal situation because the helmet and the player's nerves and consciousness are connected and when my sister took control of my body my body's nerves and consciousness will gradually change into my sister's leading to the original binding of the helmet does not match finally the helmet issued an alarm" After a while the line was automatically disconnected "The limit time for my sister to control my character seems to be only 13 minutes As for me it seems that I fainted because of the impact of my sister's spirit and helmet forcibly interrupting the mental connection Fortunately it's not a big problem The doctor said that as long as I rest for a period of time I'll be fine" Ling Yuntian finally breathed a sigh of relief after she said so So will your sister suddenly come out again Ling Yuntian wondered Purple ice beeps small mouth "

I also do not know this should see her thought" "Well" Ling Yuntian figured it out Purple ice added "Cloudy sky" "Well" "Can you promise me something" "What is it" "Don't tell anyone about my sister I've only told you so far Even my parents don't know about it" Purple ice murmured Ling Yuntian nodded "Well then go back and say to Li Yang that you have a nervous breakdown because of excessive anger and hard work" "Well" After Ling Yuntian said so Zibing was satisfied with a smile which was white and pleasant Then why did you tell me Ling Yuntian asked Purple ice beautiful eye blinks "I have not said you come to see me me" Is very happy but also moved so ah feel what also do not want to hide from you ~ "Well so" Ling Yuntian smiled bitterly Zibing stretched her long legs and said "I'm suffocating here I'm leaving the hospital in the afternoon We still have the task of the seven immortals to do" "No forget it today have a good rest and wait until tomorrow needle valve manufacturer " Ling Yuntian said firmly But Zibing seemed reluctant "How can I do this Tomorrow is the first day of qualifying for the mainland I can't play without the home team It has a great impact on morale" Now that she has said this Ling Yuntian exhaled "I really have no way to take you but at least I have to have a good rest today After confirming that it's all right I will be on the line tomorrow" "Wuwuwu ~ ~ ~ The time for practicing in the afternoon has not been lost" Purple ice beeps a long mouth "

No objection" said Ling Yuntian firmly "Okay ~ ~ ~" ……。 。 More to Addr Chapter 257 Chitchat after the event They talked for a while Her mother Came to the hospital see Ling Yuntian said hello to each other then her mother like to take care of the child to the purple ice left and right as if she was a serious patient in general purple ice a face of helplessness Ling Yuntian looked at the time it is not early so said to go out for lunch and left the hospital Came to the side of the road found a restaurant nearby sat down ordered food took out his cell phone and dialed Jay's number After a while Jay's cold voice came "What's the matter" "Has the yin thief been persuaded" "No" "Why" "He didn't listen I was so angry that I asked myself there was nothing I could do"
"Jay said coldly" "You give me his cell phone number and let me do it" Ling Yuntian said angrily “……” Jay was silent for a moment and finally said the number Hang up the phone Ling Yuntian immediately called the yin thief in the past As soon as I got through the opposite side "

Who is it" Came the impatient words of a young man "It's me" As soon as he heard Ling Yuntian's words the yin thief recognized that it was Ling Yuntian He immediately said "Oh the president called me personally 38 tube fitting
Are you going to take back my props Do you need to call me personally for this little thing It's not good to waste your phone bill" "Oh yes it is said that you still won later right Hehehe ~ ~ ~ It's really terrible Sure enough even without my props you are still sad to kill God" Can win too awesome small have to admire you worship you as God ah ~ so ah nothing don't call over so as not to waste the God of your precious time I can not afford such a small person ah ~ "" Listening to his frivolous tone Ling Yuntian felt a burst of nausea gushing out from his stomach but suppressed his emotions and said lightly "Purple Ice she went to the hospital It was indirectly caused by what you did just now Can you still say such a thing After you left I didn't do anything She killed the enemy crazily Finally she killed all the enemies by herself" So you know how heavy her load is At the moment when Zibing entered the courtyard the thief was stupefied but soon he laughed frivolously and said "Ha" Don't laugh to death She took care of all the people in Tianqing by herself Why didn't you say that she turned into Ultraman and killed the referee directly "Video" chinaroke.com

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