Super Soldier King

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Super Soldier King

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Finish Alexander Buxton stood up Take one step and walk to the basement Alexander Claudette didn't think much of it Hurriedly followed up There is the place where Ye Qian is detained although it is said to be served with good wine and meat but the basement is a little damp after all there is no sunshine living there is not a comfortable thing But when Alexander Buxton and Alexander When Claudette went into the basement However he found Ye Qian lying there leisurely holding a cigarette in his mouth crossing his legs and humming a ditty looking carefree and contented Apparently he already knew about Alexander Buxton's coming over However he did not open his eyes and pretended not to know anything See Ye Qian like this Alexander hydraulic fitting manufacturer
Buxton and Alexander Claudette couldn't help looking at each other With a wry smile Then turned to look at Ye Qian Alexander Buxton immediately ordered the cell door to be opened He went in and said with a smile "Mr Ye you have been wronged" Isn't this Alexander Mr Buxton ? What are you doing here Ye Qian turned his head and said in surprise Smiled Alexander Buxton said "I'm sorry Mr Ye I'm really sorry that you have stayed here for so long"

Mr Ye I came here to let you go I apologize to you for what happened yesterday Apologize Why are you apologizing Ye Qian curled his lips slightly and said "What you did is not wrong We have different positions I won't blame you" The environment here is very good I still like here there are wine and meat where there is such a good enjoyment ah Alexander Buxton froze slightly With a wry smile he turned to look at Alexander Claudette glanced 。 The latter nodded slightly stepped forward and said "Mr Ye I know what happened yesterday It's true that my eldest brother did something wrong and did not think carefully" However this matter can not completely blame my eldest brother ah after all he does not know whether Mr Ye is sincere or not Besides after all Alexander Solovyov is our cousin too 。

Mr Ye I have made the best tea outside Let's go out and enjoy the tea together Mr Ye is a man with a big mind Adults don't care about small people Let's just go through these things okay "Past" Your sister Ye Qian suddenly sat up and said "I Ye Qian am not a gentleman I don't have a great mind that can push a boat in my stomach To put it bluntly I am a person who will get revenge and repay my kindness" You keep me here all day and all night Why Now you want to let me out with one word I'm telling you I'm not leaving yet brass tube fitting Kill me if you have the ability I'd like to see how capable you are Hum I believe it won't be long before my wolf tooth people know what will happen You can think for yourself Alexander Buxton smiled awkwardly In the face of Ye Qian's answer I was really at a loss Pause Alexander Buxton said Mr Ye how can you forgive me I really made a mistake in this matter and I am willing to make amends for you You say what do you want me to do As long as I can do it I will promise "Really" Ye Qian raised a slight arc at the corners of his mouth and said Of course anything can be done as long as it can make Mr Ye calm down Alexander Buxton said "I am Alexander" Buxton's not exactly a big deal However it is still possible to do what you say "Well in that case Alexander" Mr Buxton will kneel down and kowtow three times to me 。” Ye Qian said "Only in this way I will consider whether to calm down or not otherwise I am angry you can do it I will not force you" (To be continued) ~ Novel Txt Tang [VIP] Chapter 1954 shows soft T Obviously Ye Qian is deliberately difficult anyway Alexander Where is Buxton E country is also a prominent figure
Not to mention this just from a man's point of view who would like to kneel down to others for no reason As the saying goes men have gold under their knees kneel down to heaven and kneel down to their elders kneel down and apologize to Ye Qian for no reason which is undoubtedly a kind of humiliation However now the situation is very clear in front of him he came to ask Ye Qian for help if not according to Ye Qian's request to do he not only can not get this helper and even may offend Ye Qian the consequences are quite serious Now has fallen out with Chester the situation is out of control he can be said to be attacked on many sides if more than set up a wolf tooth such an enemy the consequences would be unimaginable Just let Alexander Buxton kneels

His heart is still a little embarrassed Turned his head to look at Alexander Claudette glanced I hope he can help to find a way to solve it The latter took a deep breath and said "Mr Ye how about this" In any case my eldest brother is a respectable person If he kneels down to Mr Ye like this it may affect his prestige and then it will be very difficult for him to lead the people below Why don't you let me kneel down and hydraulic fitting supplier
apologize to Mr Ye instead of my eldest brother With a slight curl of his lips Ye Qian said "Do you think it's all right" This is none of your business from the beginning to the end is it Alexander Mr Buxton has me locked up here 。 Think about it I was kind enough to come and help you but you didn't appreciate it at all You thought I was deliberately inciting your so-called brotherly affection and locking me up here Although it is said to be served with good wine and meat is it true that Ye Qian is not a person with a head and a face If this matter gets out how can I Ye Qian gain a foothold in Jianghu in the future How can I take care of my brothers So Alexander Mr Buxton must give me an account And I think this is the best way Again it's up to you whether you want to or not 。

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