Those years of mutual fans with the movie king

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Those years of mutual fans with the movie king

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Yu Xiaoxiao turned around and tried to calm down "Little brother no matter what you are the one who made my clothes dirty Everyone saw it" Her eyes seemed to sweep around the crowd "Did any of you just see that" Did he bump into me The tone was faint and the threat in the words could be heard by anyone If you offend an A-list female star you will pack up and leave the next day Who would lose his job for a kid who doesn't know who Even if he really saw what had happened he would not dare to say it Yu Xiaoxiao looked around but no one answered Eventually several snobbish staff members quickly seized the opportunity to curry favor "See clearly it was the child who hit you" Some of them actually did not see what had happened and some of them saw it and knew that Ye Ziran was innocent But so what Speaking for a popular actress may get a promotion which is much better than telling the truth honestly Ye Ziran went back directly "If you don't need eyes you can donate them to people in need" He is also a spoiled young master in his family When has he ever suffered 14 needle valve
such a grievance The world I see at this moment is like a lyric-the black in front of me is not black what white you say is white How can it be so confusing Yu Xiaoxiao frowned feeling that the child really had no family education Shen Fubai and Jiang Heng watched for a moment probably figured out the cause and came forward Shen Fubai went to ask several onlookers in a low voice about something while Jiang Heng went to Ye Ziran Little leaf Jiang Heng came over and looked at Yang Yingying nodding slightly He touched Ye Ziran's head "What's the matter" "Brother Jiang!" When Ye Ziran saw an acquaintance he immediately talked about what had happened and said "Someone bullied me" Jiang Heng knew that this boy actually did not take it to heart at all it was all installed But Ye Rin entrusted his younger brother to him and naturally he could not let Ye Ziran be wronged Ye Lin's original words are like this- "Brother my family's fighting young chicken will be handed over to you watch him well don't let him explode"

If Jiang Heng does not take this tone out for Ye Ziran turn back to Ye Ziran to vent his anger Yu Xiaoxiao is almost cool After all the Ye family is also really rich even if not touch the entertainment industry dredge the relationship ban a female star is not a matter of minutes It's just that it's not necessary to break the road of life for this matter-if Yu Xiaoxiao doesn't do anything Yu Xiaoxiao did not know that Jiang Heng had saved her life When she saw the two of them coming her face changed She did not know how much the other party had seen in the scene just now Mr Jiang Mr Shen Yu Xiaoxiao is not very familiar with them and the address is very polite These two ladies are not allowed to be treated casually by her Although Yu Xiaoxiao looked down from the bottom of her heart on Shen Fubai who was born in Aidou she also understood that the fighting power of the other side's fans was not something she could withstand Miss Yu Jiang Heng looked at her and seemed to be smiling but there was no smile in his eyes "It was my poor teaching that made the children at home rude to you" But I also believe that he will not lie and the courage to admit mistakes is a basic quality of a person Yu Xiaoxiao was embarrassed for a while This seems to mean that she an adult is still trying to save face and put the blame on the children So this child belongs to your family Yu Xiaoxiao's attitude became cautious "It's all a misunderstanding ball valve manufacturer " "There was indeed a misunderstanding" Shen Fubai came over "I just asked but Miss Yu didn't look at the road on the phone It has nothing to do with our little leaf" Jiang Heng raised his eyebrows Our family And I kind of like it Yu Xiaoxiao tried not to get angry "Who said that" Shen Fubai "I said" He just asked a circle of people just to make sure that Yu Xiaoxiao didn't find someone to settle accounts after autumn Yu Xiaoxiao thought it was funny "Mr Shen don't joke" "No kidding" Shen Fubai looked at Ye Ziran "I gave him the money to buy ice cream a total of 25 yuan I do not want you to pay as long as you apologize" If you've wronged someone you have to make amends don't you When he said this he had an authentic Beijing accent and his voice was clear and pleasant Yu Xiaoxiao wanted to hit someone But she didn't dare Not to mention that she knew she was in the wrong even if she was in the right she couldn't force it
Originally just as a little kid with no background I didn't expect Yang Yingying to get involved and now even Jiang Heng and Shen Fubai have come to speak for him If she continues to be stubborn the whole crew will offend her and make people laugh for no reason Yu Xiaoxiao did not intend to let this farce continue which is shameful Her tone is stiff "I am sorry it is my misunderstanding" I'll go to the lounge to change my clothes first Turn around and walk away Run away like a mess Small Wei is also busy to follow up before leaving to see Yang Yingying's eyes still have some resentment she is afraid of being fired Jiang Heng and Shen Fubai she did not have too much resentment first they did not directly let her down the stage and second the handsome man was pleasing to the eye After the others dispersed Shen Fubai said to Yang Yingying "Sister Yang you were so handsome just now" "Yes yes when she said she was wearing counterfeit goods the 38 needle valve
woman's face turned green" Ye Ziran showed his child's nature "Thank you beautiful sister!"

The latest address of 123 Liyu Township is http//wwwliyuxiang123com Text Volume Reading 61 It's nothing I don't like her bullying a child I'm going to do the modeling Yang Yingying did not care to smile "this Liang Zi is a knot" It gives me a headache to think of playing with her I really don't want to see her face The circle has been mixed for a long time and everyone has practiced a set of speaking skills There are not many people like Yang Yingying who express their displeasure in such a straightforward way It's too offensive I don't know if it's because she's been so popular in the circle all these years Don't worry we're here Shen Fubai and Jiang Heng spoke with one voice You two Yang Yingying looked at them a few times "quite a tacit understanding as a partner should be very happy" It's obviously a normal sentence but the two parties think a little too much It's nice to live together

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