Mortal Xiuxian Biography

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Mortal Xiuxian Biography

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They only knew these two days that the green wolf beast on the opposite side was very difficult to deal with but they did not expect that the situation on the other side seemed even worse Fortunately gathered here are some extraordinary people but also did not talk about it but after a commotion most people have sat on a team of beast cars straight to the other side of Anyuan City The streets were deserted except for a few knights on patrol As a result the beast car ran more than an hour later to the other side of the wall of Anyuan city and then people have come down from the car There have been more than a dozen officers in the vicinity of there see the arrival of Han Li and others immediately rushed to the top after a quarrel will divide them up clean and then immediately with them to each tower As a result the people of the Tiandong firm were naturally dispersed except for seven or eight ordinary guards of the Tiandong firm who followed him as the deputy leader Zhang Kui and Du Xiao were all separated Han Li led them by a middle-aged officer with a big beard who judging from his armor was the same as the officer surnamed Xiao This person is very kind to Han Li and other alchemists especially Han Li there are three people in this wave of people with their own spiritual tools so that they are particularly polite to these three people and the tone of many rely on the meaning And Han Li's tube fitting manufacturer
fierce in addition to those who came with the Tiandong firm know other people naturally will not know naturally did not attract the special attention of the bearded officer Han Li of course would not recommend himself but followed the crowd to the wall they were responsible for guarding without saying a word As a result everything has changed greatly in the face of all the people involved ChengTou should be neat and smooth crenels towers and so on unexpectedly all broken without a complete Even more bizarre is that the original blue and white ground has become black and there are bursts of rancid strange smell people want to vomit!

"This is snake venom" a man with a "spirit bracelet" looked carefully at the black place on the ground and said in a deep voice Yes it's snake venom As many as four or five hundred of my men have lost their fighting power When the beard heard this he gave a wry smile Am I wrong Isn't the red python not poisonous Another old man with the same spirit but his eyes flashed a little puzzled Brother Li is not mistaken the general red python is indeed non-toxic but this mutation of the python is more than a mutation of the winged flying python Although the python is similar in size to an ordinary red python it can fly for a short time with the help of its wings and can spit out the black poisonous fog in its mouth As long as this kind of poisonous fog touches the skin a little it can immediately make the skin open and the flesh rotten and it can also be sprayed on the stone Chengtou I have let people wash several times with clean water otherwise just the air filled with poison gas people can not stay long The bearded officer explained That's the trouble "Each of the original mutant pythons is powerful pipe fittings manufacturer and now there are more that can spray poison which is not easy to defend" The crowd immediately said worriedly If the red python was not so difficult to deal with how could the higher authorities transfer you here I heard that there seems to be a new mutant wolf beast on the side of the green wolf beast The beard touched his beard and looked very solemn The Green Wolf Beast is not easy to deal with Why don't you see those immortals Friars are the best at mass killing spells and they used to be the main force against these two herds Someone couldn't help asking again Don't forget that the leopard beast has never been seen since the beginning of the tide Those monks must use it to deal with this more troublesome demon bird Otherwise once the magic power is exhausted this kind of demon bird will suddenly appear again and our city of Anyuan will be destroyed The bearded officer sighed lightly and replied Hearing the reply the others could not help looking at each other It seems that the prospect of Anyuan

City is really not very optimistic All right you don't have to worry too much The venomous flying snake can only spit out the poisonous fog once and then it has to rest for a while After the first two days of World War I this mutant flying snake has basically lost the power of attack The above tune you mean in fact still want to use to deal with the mutant python This kind of python is very difficult for ordinary soldiers to hurt except alchemists
These destroyed places in Chengtou are caused by this python As long as you can pin down the mutant python the ordinary red python himself still has the confidence to deal with it As soon as the bearded officer saw that the crowd looked a little wrong he said with encouragement Hey hey there is no need for adults to tell me this Now that I have come here I will not sit idly by However The man with the bracelet wanted to say something more but suddenly from the horizon outside the city wall there were several strange sounds like beasts but not beasts like birds but not birds which made people feel uncomfortable The man's words suddenly stopped and his face became ugly Not only him but also the other people who heard the call changed their faces Leopards and beasts they finally appeared! An alchemist looked at the distant sky murmured a sentence five fingers can not help but grasp the weapon in his hand a few minutes At this time Han Li stood alone 14 tube fitting
in a corner of Chengtou bowing his head and fiddling with a low-order Lingshi looking very relaxed as if he had not heard the previous call at all Volume 8 First Entering the Spirit World Chapter 1284 The Tide of Wild Beasts (V) Sure enough after a while hundreds of black spots suddenly appeared in the distant air flying towards this side and the strange sound came from these black spots The human beings on the wall immediately reacted and in the sound of a trumpet they stepped into defensive positions one after another and immediately stood by under the command of the officers Almost at the same time a tall building in the center of the city flew out of hundreds of colors of brilliance straight to the head of the city where the black spot appeared It is those who cultivate immortals in the city Most of these monks are built around the period of repair for the speed of escape is not slow a moment of time on the first step to ChengTou above into a group of LingGuang suspended in the sky Led by two people a big man with a bald head who stepped on the disc and a man in brocade robe who was the king of gold and jade

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