Heavy fire on the moon

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Heavy fire on the moon

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At that time Shangguan Xiaotou had been in Lingjian Villa for quite a while and he had learned all the martial arts he should have learned In addition Abbess Ciren was related to him and secretly taught him a lot of Emei martial arts In the case of combining the two schools of martial arts Shangguan Xiaotou gradually found out his own way of martial arts The big-eyed bird used his one eye to see that the child's aptitude was extraordinary Although he made it public his mouth was really sweet so he began to teach him martial arts with his own hands Before long Lin Yuhuang changed from an admirable and personalized Flush valve price
senior to an uncle of Shangguan Xiaotou After practicing martial arts every day they sat together and chatted talking about rivers and lakes the world and martial arts They talked about everything but in terms of women there was a big difference in ideology and culture Lin Yuhuang asked what kind of woman do you like Shangguan Xiaotou said that it was not very important as long as he liked it He also said that when he met the person he liked and got married he must become a good husband and father and become an admirable man like a national teacher After hearing this Lin Yuhuang punched Shangguan Xiaotou on the head and said "Xiaotou how can you be so stupid If you want to be a real man you shouldn't say" who you like is good to whom "

If you want to find a woman don't look at what's inside and don't say what Suiyuan is Appearance is the most important thing No beautiful woman can't be pursued by an excellent man To be a man you should be ruthless in love Shangguan Xiaotou looked at Lin Yuhuang with a surprised face and asked why Lin Yuhuang sighed and said that when you really fall in love with a person and lose him again the rest of your life will be ruined If you're going to lose it anyway you might as well find more women and live a carefree life in exchange for everyone's admiration Since then Shangguan Xiaotou's view of love has been completely subverted by Lin Concealed Flush Valve
Yuhuang Thus under the training of Lin Ershao a new generation of good men were twisted into a romantic Zhaojun Shangguan has accumulated experience in actual combat upgraded in experience and finally reached an invincible level However a long time ago Lin Yuhuang said that all the women in the world could be destroyed but only one could not Shangguan asked who he was Lin Yuhuang said heavy fire palace young palace master heavy snow Zhi Also threatened that if you dare to touch her your next nickname is Shangguan father-in-law Shangguan Tu immediately said that he would not touch the heavy snow Of course when Lin Yuhuang said these words to Xuezhi he was quite tactful and implicit and the places that should not be said would be automatically disposed of Finally Xuezhi sighed "

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