One-way secret love for you

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One-way secret love for you

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Down the hill very quickly after a while Youdu carried Qi An down the hill Youdu put him in the co-driver's seat also conveniently helped him fasten a seat belt and then quickly went to the driver's seat started driving "Where are you going now" Asked Zian You Du replied "Hospital" Zian knew then nodded and answered "Yes" Half an hour later Yu Du and Qi An successfully arrived at the hospital Service Sink Faucets
and then registered for an emergency The doctor looked at Qi'an's foot and said "Just prescribe some medicine then rest and use the injured foot less otherwise it will become worse and get better more slowly" Qi An nodded and said "I know" Finally Yu Du carried Qi An out of the hospital with a bag of medicine in his hand Then Yu Du continued to drive until he stopped at the door of his house Qi An looked at the villa outside the car and asked "

What are you doing here" You Du answered as he unfastened his seat belt "Rest" What are you doing here on a break But Qi An's words had not yet been asked and Yu Du carried himself out of the car and into the villa Yes it's a hug a princess hug You Du put a right on the sofa and said to him "Wait and don't move I'll make breakfast" Zian nodded dully and replied "Oh" Chapter 47 Qi An sat on the sofa and looked at the busy back of the kitchen Qi An looked at the back of the kitchen and suddenly thought about taking pictures with his mobile phone So Qi An took out his mobile phone and took more than a dozen pictures Qi An Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo
enjoyed the pictures he took with satisfaction Although they were all faceless Qi An felt satisfied Qi An looked at the photo and saw the time in the upper right corner of the phone It's 740 now Oh I have to go to work I'm going to miss the time to go to work Qi An pinched the phone in distress By the degree Qi An gave a weak cry What's the matter You Du looked back at him only to see his face tangled eyebrows wrinkled into a ball "something to say" "Well I'm going to be late for work" Qi An tells the truth When Youdu heard this he turned his head back and made breakfast carefully What a big deal! Youdu said "Whether you go to work or go to school ask for leave" "Why" I don't want to Said Qi An Look at your feet Can you go to school You Du said again Qi An opened his mouth and corrected "I'm not going to school I'm going to work" "All right you're going to school Anyway you can't go today" Said Yudu Qi An bit his finger how can not go to work ah but leave will be exposed Qi An thought for a long time and asked "then you do not go to work" It's not good for me to stay here When Yudu's breakfast was ready Yudu came out with the bowl and put it on the table He said to him "It's okay not to go to work for a day There's nothing wrong with you staying here" Qi An frowned when he heard Yudu's words Urinal Manual Flush Valve right It's all right if the boss doesn't go to work for a day but he has to go While Qi An was thinking he heard Yudu say "It's time to eat" Then he walked up to himself and was ready to reach out and hug himself Qi An waved his hands forward and blushed and said "

No I can do it myself" Then he stood up on his own and jumped to the table on one foot A big man always hugged by others strange It's a little funny to see him jump Anyway the distance between the sofa and the dining table is not far so let him jump Qi An jumped to the table and sat down and then Yudu went to the table and sat opposite Qi An You Du took the lead in picking up the chopsticks and holding the noodles in the bowl and then said to him "Eat" "Mmm" Qi An nodded and then picked up the chopsticks to eat the noodles in the bowl in front of him The appearance of the noodles is very beautiful and the taste in the mouth is good Unexpectedly you can cook
You Du looked at the person sitting opposite him and ate a mouthful You Du asked "Why don't you eat" Not good Hearing Yudu's words Qi An hurriedly opened his mouth and said "No no it's delicious really" Qi An said and ate a big mouthful of noodles proving that the noodles were delicious You Du was relieved to see him eat and he lowered his head to eat the noodles Gradually the atmosphere became a little awkward quiet Stainless Steel Shower Tray
Qi An could not help but open his mouth and said "I didn't expect you to cook" I really didn't expect it No it's just noodles Said Yudo with a smile "Oh" Qi An nodded and buried himself in the noodles Ten minutes later Youdu saw him put down his chopsticks and asked

"Are you ready" "Mmm" Qi An nodded his head I'm going to wash the dishes and you can sit on the sofa and watch TV for a while You Du said as he tidied up the bowls and chopsticks Oh good Zian nodded and answered then got up and jumped back on the sofa You Du picked up the bowls and chopsticks and found that all the noodles in the right bowl had been eaten up You Du smiled He liked to eat Also two bowls two pairs of chopsticks by the degree of five minutes to brush by the degree of clean hands out of the kitchen see him sitting on the sofa in a daze eyebrows are still wrinkled together looking not very happy Yudo walked over to him then sat down and asked "What's the matter with you" Qi An was startled by the sudden approach Qi An moved silently to the side of the sofa Then Qi An thought about it Stainless Steel Squatting Pan
and finally asked "Are you really not going to work" I still want to go to work You Du heard his words sighed did not reply to his words but took out his cell phone broadcast a phone call only to hear you Du opened his mouth and said "Anna today I have something to do not go to the company you solve your own work the rest wait for me to go back to deal with" Then without waiting for the other party to speak Youdu hung up the phone Qi An listened to a face of confusion looking at the degree really do not go to work ah What about yourself

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