Liu Canyang Iron-blooded Chivalrous Love Story

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Liu Canyang Iron-blooded Chivalrous Love Story

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But Ao Chu Ge stood still and let the cold sword pass through her body Cui Sangu was stunned and stood on the ground in bewilderment She thought to herself "Why doesn't Ao take out his sword" Everyone can see that Sang Xiaoqiao's vicious and spicy sword gas has attacked Ao Chu Ge's body anyone in this moment will preempt the sword and Ao Chu Ge's face is calm stand still as if he were blind is it not strange "Ao Chu Ge get out of the way" cried Sang Xiaoqiao His swordsmanship was so overbearing that it was Stainless Steel Prison Toilet
like a thunderbolt when he sent it and it was out of control when he moved Although he had found out what was going on it was too late to stop He tried his best to keep his sword off his head The light of the sword still passed through the coir raincoat of Ao Chu Ge and the flesh of his left arm The blood burst out and with the rushing rain it fell red in the water and faded away As soon as he jumped down Sang Xiaoqiao quickly drew back his sword and ran over anxiously and fearfully He hugged Ao Chu Ge and said in a trembling voice "Old friend why don't you draw your sword" Enduring the unforgettable pain Ao Chu Ge said lightly "You shouldn't have taken back your sword just now Old friend you have orders You have to go back and kill yourself I would like to get a sword and let you have a confession!" Tears almost oozed from his eyes Sang Xiaoqiao said painfully "

You are wrong old friend As long as you defeat me I will have a confession when I go back I will never be able to repay you for helping me so desperately You should understand that I don't want to hurt you Hurting you is like hurting myself!" Holding Sang Xiaoqiao's hand tightly Ao Chu Ge said "Don't do this Don't I live very well" "After all you're hurt" said Sang Xiaoqiao in a trembling voice Ao Chu Ge laughed and said "What is this injury" The two were apologizing to each other but Cui Sangu was not used to it She saw that Ao Chu Ge was injured It was really a golden opportunity She said "Rou Xiaoqiao don't kill him This is an opportunity" Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl
With a loud roar of anger Sang Xiaoqiao said bitterly "Bitch shut your mouth!" Cui San Gu laughed and said "Why should I shut up" Sang Xiaoqiao he has been injured has been unable to start hey three really expect things like God surnamed Ao today can be finished She turned around and shouted "Why don't you come out Ao is in trouble"

With her roar three figures appeared faintly in the dense rain; the three figures rushed like ghosts and immediately trapped Ao Chu Ge in the middle "You" Sang Xiaoqiao said bitterly A cold voice said "Sanzun has a destiny Kill Ao as soon as possible!" Exclusive launch of Datang Library The twenty-fifth chapter of the story of the Iron-blooded swordsman Chapter 25 In the endless rain and fog a figure flashed out from all sides and came around Ao Chu Ge Blood flowed down along the pouring rain The wound washed by the Prison toilet for sale
rain had an indescribable pain He looked at the figure that was getting closer and blurred and gave a series of disdainful smiles Although he was injured he did not want to be short and stand proudly Waiting for the final blow Sang Xiaoqiao raised his head in fear and alertness glanced at the men lightly tore the corner of his robe hurriedly and bandaged Ao Chu Ge's wound very carefully Stainless Steel Toilet China His unconcealed apology was evident in his eyes
Holding Ao Chu Ge tightly he said desolately "Old friend can you hold back" "Endure-" Ao Chu Ge as if the heroic pride suddenly flowed out unexpectedly regardless of the great pain of the wound a burst of laughter open mouth let the rain drop into the mouth chewing the taste of the rain he free and easy tunnel "This injury can baffle me Haha old friend you look down on me you see this storm how many times in life can be so cool in the storm ha ha I remember the moment when I was a child herding cattle it was such a rain I was alone in the middle of the mountain with cattle thunderstorms in the sky not even a place to shelter from the rain I had to hide in the belly of cattle waiting for the rain to pass . Smell speech in the heart a sour infinite past fragments to show in Sang Xiaoqiao's mind this kind of hour field cattle scene for him No stranger he is a cowherd know the pain of cowherd the vast grassland like a lonely wandering soul guarding a few cattle looking at the morning Cold Dew looking at the clouds in the sky counting the crows in the sky in the dawn and dusk This kind of day never changes whether it is cold or warm Whether it is sunny or rainy there is only the cow in his life and the cow is the master Cows are life Three meals a day are always salted radish and black steamed bread Sometimes they will be looked down upon or beaten by their masters as if they were useless waste only eating and lazy With a cool smile Sang Xiaoqiao said bitterly "

Can you play the song Cowherd" At dawn Stainless Steel Trough Urinal
and dusk the only pastime of these shepherd boys is to play the flute which is their only entertainment and enjoyment to pass the time so the shepherd flute has a considerable weight in their lives almost everyone can play the flute and the flute never leaves their bodies "I have no money" said Ao Chu Ge with a wry smile I can't even afford to sell a flute I've made a few myself but the rhythm is always wrong Of course the Cowherd is no stranger to me I've heard others play it over and over again but I can catch cicadas I'm better at catching cicadas than others because besides playing with cicada I can only catch shrimps in the stream It was the same fate In the same fate Sang Xiaoqiao felt that he was much better than Ao Chu Ge At least he had a flute of his own but Ao Chu Ge didn't even have a flute He smiled coolly Sang Xiaoqiao said "Old friend please listen to my song!"

In the heavy rain he untied two shiny flutes from his waist which he never left Since he was sensible this flute has occupied a considerable amount of time in his life Whenever he touched this flute he seemed to have returned to his childhood Memories are always a good thing The sound of the flute sounded with the frantic wind and rain and the curling rhythm spread rhythmically The beautiful sound made the two young friends indulge in the memories of the past Their spirits were all concentrated in the sound of the flute In their memories they were unaware of the enemies around them and did not care about them at all

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