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Mobile Storm

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Be painful and happy All the people around are laughing On July 20 2220 AD humans signed the first agreement on Mars the Treaty of the Land of Katy Since then Katie has become the first affiliated alien race in the history of human development On the same day the Supreme Military Conference of Mankind was held In order to cope with the greater crisis in the future the three major alliances decided to integrate and establish a new government with temporary centralization of power and integration mobile garbage bin
of military and political affairs The whole people United to deal with the Zago people Li Feng was elected the first supreme leader This is also the predecessor of the Galactic Empire General Li Feng will lead the human race and the Zago race to a long war The war is hard but the human race will develop step by step in the war Completely wipe out the Zagos And realize the dream of human beings to conquer the galaxy from the moment they understand the universe Blade fighters have become the most mysterious and greatest existence in history no matter what era human beings will have the protection of blade fighters

He is the patron saint of the Galactic Empire the patron saint of mankind! And the royal family's emblem is not a blade warrior but a strange round and lovely thing On July 26 of the same year the wedding ceremony of General Li Feng and Lieutenant General Tang Ling the supreme commander of mankind and commander of the Navy Army and Air Force was held on Mars The grand occasion was unprecedented The officiant was the Heavenly Master Odredes This was also the last time that the Heavenly Master appeared in front of people I heard that when General plastic trash bins
Li Feng was still a poor boy they began to fall in love I have to admit that Captain Tang Ling was not only good at commanding battles but also very good at finding men Only when the wedding was completed there was a scene that made everyone stunned and explained When the bride Tang Ling still had flowers the people who scrambled for them were not one Generally it was normal wholesale plastic pallet but the people who scrambled for them included Major General Zhao Tiantian Lieutenant General Muxue General Zhou Zhi And the amazing Miss Angel The guests were petrified What no one noticed was that Commander-in-Chief Li Feng on the stage was also petrified and Princess Tang Ling's hands began to ravage again The bouquet of flowers was strangely divided into four parts in midair one for each person Gossip Legend has it that the young commander-in-chief Three years later The Zago race has been invading the solar system for more than a year but before that human beings have made adequate preparations In this short period of more than a year of preparation human science and technology have developed by leaps and bounds The most prominent one is the super genius named Fang Chiba who is the military technical adviser plastic wheelie bins
to Commander-in-Chief Li Feng She has designed five new warships and the latest mobile suits A new theory of space jump shuttle is proposed

Although the war was difficult the human race showed great tenacity With the help of the Katie people who were familiar with the Zago race the human race steadily suppressed the Zago race and began to study this race with unparalleled vitality and evolutionary power There is no doubt that the Zagos are one of the most powerful races in the galaxy but humans will defeat them and in the course of the battle people will be more United and develop more rapidly In this battle that has lasted for decades no matter the human race the Katie people or the Zago people will never forget an invincible blade warrior of the God of War His myth accompanies mankind to the future Text Mobile Finale Symposium "Skeleton what are you doing My beautiful life has just begun and ended!" Li Feng showed his fighting teeth Skeleton students write vigorously directly ignoring the threat "a man and a group of insects story do you think anyone read it or are you interested in the beauty bug" Li Feng ran away Boom There was a loud noise in the sky and Li Lan Garros came on stage Skeleton let me play the leading role in the next book I am much more stylish than Li Feng! 。

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