The prehistoric sage is in a different world

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The prehistoric sage is in a different world

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The western continent is the white race in addition there are two overseas continents where the specific situation is not known The country where Lin Feng is located is called Wei followed by three Dynasties on the mainland namely the Great Wind Dynasty the Great Qing Dynasty and the Great Yue Dynasty Wei is only a country attached to the Great Qing Dynasty The rest of the information Lin Feng knows very little The villagers basically face the loess and turn their backs to the sky They know very plastic pallet supplier
little information but these things are enough for Lin Feng Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first txt e-book format free download [Text Chapter 003 Zhou Xin (New Book Collection Recommendation!) ] Early in the morning just after dawn in a forest not far from Zhoujiacun a vigorous figure in the forest played a set of boxing Xingyiquan Taijiquan Baguazhang Lin Feng constantly changed the moves in his hands for a long time Lin Feng's hands gently raised over the top and then slowly pressed down from the eyebrows A violent movement Lin Feng's body is strange without a drop of sweat chest slightly ups and downs one breath into the internal organs accompanied by the hands slowly pressed down suddenly a white breath whistled out as if it was a whistle

Feeling the crisp and numbing body as well as the growing internal strength of the body Lin Feng this slowly work from the initial excitement until now Lin Feng has gradually adapted to the changes in the body Sure enough I can feel the transformation of my Qi and blood now What I need for the accumulation of inner strength is food The more I eat the more my inner strength increases However Lin Feng ran toward the latrine with some distress and pulled it in a crackling way The more you eat the more internal strength accumulates but the corresponding impurities are also produced and the excretion is naturally more Is there any merit to be done today After the excretion Lin Feng soliloquized slowly drum spill containment
opened the Deification List eyes quickly searching for the information This is another function of the Deification List You can inquire where you can do merit Just search Lin Feng can find dozens of things to do make merit and do good deeds Hey who are you and why are you here

At this moment a coquettish shout interrupted Lin Feng who was meditating Uh! Lin Feng subconsciously hid the Deification of the Gods behind him and looked warily at the source of the sound only to see a girl with a charming figure dressed in goose-yellow standing under a hoof-leaf tree Black long hair is very casual loose in the shoulder although the figure is not yet mature but is a full beauty embryo Looking at Lin Feng so staring at himself the girl pink face can not help but slightly a red looking at Lin Feng way "Ask you why do you appear in the scope of Zhoujiacun" "Nothing!" Lin Feng nervously took the Deification of the Gods into her arms and looked at the girl and said "I just came out for a walk!" Seeing Lin Feng's flustered movements a touch of gloom suddenly appeared in the girl's eyes "Steal plastic pallet manufacturer did you come to our village to steal something" "Steal" Lin Feng does not know whether to laugh or cry how can he be mistaken for stealing think about his action just now is indeed suspected of stealing but the conscience of heaven and earth money is not exposed Lin Feng does not want to let the whole world know the function of the Deification List However the girl can not care so much an arrow step move like a rabbit in a moment has come to his front at the same time the right hand slightly bent fingers driving the air came a sound of slurping a grasp to Lin Feng's chest skirt Lin Feng clearly saw the direction of the girl's attack the soles of the feet slightly back half a step but as if it was a clumsy bear in general stumbling missed the tiny escape from the girl's attack See Lin Feng actually dodged his attack the girl could not help but slightly stupefied missed a blow in the further step at the same time the left hand quickly raised in the palace straight spill plastic pallet
into exhaust the air once again toward Lin Feng's chest mercilessly grabbed
Is it over! Lin Feng scolded followed by Lin Feng's right hand quickly drilled out the right hand along a strange angle to lift the snake drilling body the girl immediately felt each other's arm as if it was turned into a snake gently twisted avoided his palm gently around then came to his elbow followed by a numb elbow unexpectedly soft without any strength Followed by Lin Feng arm snapped out of a crisp sound a snake looked up the whole arm as if suddenly raised the head of the snake in general tricky strange appeared on the girl's facade the girl immediately felt as if it was a poisonous snake opened its mouth sharp fangs mercilessly toward their own facade attack and even she can smell a faint smell

The girl's pupils contracted violently because there were two fingers in front of her eyes less than a millimeter away from her eyes and as long as she went a little further she could pull out her eyes Strong sense of oppression so that the girl's eyes slightly sore cold sweat is instantly gushing out from the pores where did this guy come from How can you be so ruthless! Goo! The girl couldn't help swallowing saliva just at this time Zhou Yunfan's voice echoed in the woods "Lin Feng are you here" Are you practicing here again Xinxin are you back Lin Feng took back her finger and showed a brilliant smile "I'm sorry I think you may have misunderstood I really didn't steal!" Only then did the girl recover She glanced at Zhou Yunfan who was walking toward the forest and said "Dad do you know him" Zhou Yunfan laughed and said "Yes!"! Feng is what I brought back from the forest of the natural moat mountains Oh Feng this is what I told you It's my daughter Zhou Xin What were you doing just now "Nothing we're just having a game hehe!"! Let's have a competition! Lin Feng touched his forehead and smiled

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