Legend of the undead

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Legend of the undead

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At the moment when the strange stone came out Liu Lei finally remembered the cold feeling Lian Feng had mentioned to him that only the spirit of resentment would make people feel cold when it came into contact with the primordial spirit It seemed that this guy was a creature similar to the spirit of resentment No wonder he is so sensitive to his Taoist orthodoxy of Dahe True Qi because the energy of this attribute is their nemesis Knowing the origin it was easy to deal with it Liu Lei had never collapsible pallet box
had the experience of "exorcising ghosts" nor did he know what kind of spell to choose to deal with such a monster so he had to jump the most powerful spell he could use the Heaven and Earth Clear Light Curse His hands kept waving a shining spell from his fingertips printed on the body of the strange stone the strange stone all over the tentacles shaking desperately fighting back Liu tired to fight the king of zombies strong body hard to get a few times a step does not retreat the body of the river True Qi crazy operation hand speed up a spell quickly and incomparably flew to the strange stone The shaking of the strange stone became slower and slower the tentacles became shorter and shorter and finally when the last spell of Liu Lei's painting was printed on it it completely retracted to its original size and the stone that had been shining with blue light turned into a transparent crystal like crystal which fell to the ground and fell into three pieces Liu Lei went over to pick up a piece "

Strange the energy is still there but the consciousness has disappeared how can this be" He made a secret decision and hastily sealed the larger two of the three pieces with magic and put them in his pocket Then he picked up the rest and walked quickly back to the room where foldable bulk container
the meteorite was stored woke up the people who had been knocked unconscious by the Dark Association and a group of people helped each other out of the underground base Hackman three people although extremely unwilling but they have seen the strength of Liu Lei think about their current state also had to watch the people of the Dark Association leave

A group of people helped each other out of the 51st District and returned to the camp After a short rest they left immediately and found a place to stay first Dark magic was used to burn the bodies of the dead to ashes and preserve them Those who were slightly injured supported those who were seriously injured Under the influence of "bat wing" magic they flew to the northeast Along the way Liu Lei the only guy who was not injured (of course he also spat a mouthful of blood but they did not see and with his strong abnormal constitution this little injury is not a problem at all Run back and forth take care of people It was thanks to him that the task was completed and everyone felt sorry for his distrust at the beginning But this time the Dark Association suffered heavy losses Apart from the casualties of the people below three third-class werewolves are still unconscious Even if they can wake up now the light magic has caused permanent damage to their constitution and there is no way to carry out the ultimate transformation again in this life One Duke was "sanctified" the other half of his body was blackened and the damage caused by the Holy Power of Light was beyond the power of the vampire to recover collapsible bulk container Of the three Dark Magicians only Christopher seems to be better but a little dispirited it seems that the magic is overdrawn The other two trembled all over apparently trying to suppress the already disordered magic in their bodies After returning to New York Christopher strongly invited him to visit

Europe Although the loss of manpower was quite heavy he finally completed the task at an absolute disadvantage and it was his team that played a decisive role With this he could surpass the other four leaders and climb to a higher position in the Dark Association So he was in a good mood after he had some sad feelings Liu tired to want to come anyway and the Vatican it doesn't matter go to play But recently he had a question that he couldn't figure out It was said that the parasitic life in the strange stone was similar to the life of the spirit of resentment but why was it not afraid of the light and holy power of the Holy See Can it be said that because the parasite is only a spiritual creature it is not afraid of the holy power of light It can only be explained in this way that his "Heaven and Earth Clear Light Curse" is still accompanied by a strong spiritual attack which he is sure of To go to Europe Liu tired lying in his coffin thinking about the old count told him about the struggle between the Demon Party and the Secret Party as well as the Millennium Holy War of the blood clan some things still have to face ah thinking about it finally fell asleep in a daze
Volume II Chapter VI The people of the Dark Society flew back to Europe in two groups and Liu Lei was still with Christopher The meteorite crystals were kept by Christopher and after returning to Europe he personally handed them over to the president Thinking of the benefits he would get in the future the 300-year-old master was obviously a little excited along the way He kept telling Liu Lei about his castle in the mountains of Austria his vineyard and wine-making workshop in the French countryside and his horse farm in the English countryside This was just right for Liu Lei's taste However it also reminded him of the "ideal" when he was young and he could not help adding a touch of homesickness to this pleasant journey When the plastic bulk containers
plane landed in Paris a group of Christopher's men came to greet it It seemed that the old man's power in the Dark Association was not low Liu Lei secretly said in his heart Along the way there was a lot of flattery mostly celebrating the old master's victory and triumphant return

Christopher thought of the experience of this near-death experience and said nothing with a cold face After arriving at the old master's villa in the suburbs Christopher arranged for Liu Lei to stay and ordered his men and servants to give Liu Lei all possible "convenience" and then exchanged a few words with Liu Lei and left in a hurry Liu Lei knew that he was going to see the president so he didn't say much and stayed at ease It was not until the next evening that the old Dharma Master came back In the evening he invited Liu Lei to have dinner together At the banquet he invited Liu Lei to taste the red wine produced by his private winery After tasting it Liu Lei was jealous and secretly thought about what he wanted to make the old man willing to exchange the winery and vineyard On the third day Christopher accompanied Liu Lei to visit Paris in a luxury car Although Liu Lei has been abroad for 12 years he has been staying in North America How can the products of fast food culture be compared with the achievements of the cultural accumulation of the millennium At the end of the day Liu Tie enjoyed himself and returned home feeling that the trip was worthwhile cnplasticpallet.com

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