Quick wear system: raiders wolf boss

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Quick wear system: raiders wolf boss

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But after Xia Yichu saw him he had to believe in his heart that there was a kind of person who was the darling of God Xia Yichu did not know whether he was scheming or not but when he looked at the man the smile and tolerance that rose from his eyes made Xia Yichu feel an unprecedented comfort Even if his present identity is a cat but in his eyes unexpectedly gave Xia Yichu a kind of illusion that she is actually a person His eyes are too gentle too focused and too affectionate at the same time Xia Yichu stood up in Anyi's eyes carefully reached out his front paws and put them in his hand And at the moment when Xia Yichu put his paw into his hand an inappropriate sense of crisis suddenly arose from Xia Yichu's heart A strong let Xia Yichu's body hang up and another hand hugged her weak and soft body in Xia Yichu's panicked eyes Anyi's face showed a smile like a successful prank Anyi held her in her arms rubbed her soft hair close to her face and whispered "I got you" Got you my Ali The hair on Xia Yichu's body originally stood up but she did not think that the person who laughed like a spring breeze in front of her would also joke Xia Yichu empty cosmetic tubes
was held in his arms and stroked and the hair that had stood up was gradually smoothed by him

Xia Yichu is now a cat even if she is strong she can not help but be infected by the nature of the cat Just as she often could not help but bow her head and lick the hair on her body when Anyi's hands touched her gently Xia Yichu felt an awkward feeling in his heart but his body was very honest on his thigh enjoying his gentle touch Had it not been for Xia Yichu's strong determination she could not help acting like a spoiled child to Anyi revealing her white belly Anyi looked at the white cat on her lap and the strength of her hand fell on her body and her movements were familiar as if she had reviewed thousands of times Xia Yichu was immersed in this comfortable feeling and could not extricate himself so he missed it An Yi's face at the moment although smiling like a spring breeze looked like a deep orange An Yi took Xia Yichu back to the villa which was empty and had little furniture just as Ali had remembered before Chapter 508 cat demon girl VS undescribable owner 6 Although Anyi lived outside alone Xia Yichu felt it necessary to introduce his family The status of Anjia in the capital is not low belonging to a century-old family At the time of reform and opening up Anjia also gave a lot of help to the Party In the years when the economy was just developing the manager of Anjia at that time was very shrewd and invested a large sum of money in business Now the industries under the name of Anjia are all over the country and chain stores are not only all over the country but also sold in many foreign countries An Yi is the son of Mu Wen Wansheng the first ex-wife of An Haocheng who is now in charge of the An family Mu Wenwan and an Haocheng at that time cosmetic plastic tube the two are also commercial marriage and there is no feelings mixed in it Mu Wenwan's health is not good with the disease of palace cold and an Haocheng married for five years before giving birth to such a son an Yi Moreover after Anyi was born she inherited

Mu Wenwan's weak and sickly constitution which was very difficult to feed Because her body was too weak Anyi spent two months in the hospital after she was born before she was taken back by her family And Mu Wenwan is not much better after giving birth to Anyi she has been seriously ill when Anyi was three years old she went Less than half a year after Mu Wenwan left An Haocheng married his present wife Yang Yiyi At the same time marry one and send one and bring back An Chun who is only two months younger than An Yi An Yi and An Chun both look like their father and the difference between their ages can be seen at a glance An Yi had a car accident when she was five years old and her life was saved but she never had a chance to stand up again He had been living in a wheelchair all his life and after he turned eighteen he moved out of his home
Every month on the 19th there will be a bodyguard to take Anyi to pump tube
the hospital to check the body usually Anyi has been living alone in the villa Xia Yichu came to this world today just on the 19th After Anyi brought her back it was already noon An Yi went to the kitchen to cook something casually and cooked a small bowl of rice porridge for Xia Yichu He carefully added some minced meat to the rice porridge To Xia Yichu's shock Anyi actually put her cat bowl on the table and let her step on the table to eat! Even before Ali there was no such treatment! Xia Yichu's eyes widened in shock and she turned to look at Anyi next to her always wondering if this person knew something But Anyi just patted her head with a gentle face and said with a smile "Eat quickly I'll take you out to buy you something good in the afternoon"


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