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Wolong sheng black and white double petite

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2022 2:45 am
by Fularks87
"Mai Xiaoyun" Mai Xiaoyun This rising star Mai Xiaoyun Shi Jingtao's eyes were still fixed on Mai Xiaoyun On his face however he seemed to have been dispirited old pale depressed and silently read in his mouth The two of them stepped down the stone steps again Then Mai Xiaoyun turned to them with a smile and said "You two I'll give these two to you" As for Gong Tianyou the iceberg toad who escaped our brothers should still work together to recover him This is the proverb issued by the gate of hell and the father and son of the Shi family and Gong Tianyou have to go in and "return to their positions" Of course Mak Nameless has also Know Mai Xiaoyun's current identity however these words this matter still only the people in aluminium laminated tube
their circle can understand If you can make it clear you don't know what the other words mean All right then we'll leave Shen Yichen immediately asked him to stay and said "What's the matter" You two are leaving At least wait until lunch "No save it for later!" Xu Zhiyu smiled and said "There will always be a chance to bother you again" "Shen Jiazhuang will always look forward to and welcome it" Xu Zhiyu turned to Shi Jingtao and said "Master Shi your father and son will come with us" Shi Jingtao had already put life and death aside so he was calm in his heart but he was also confused and hesitated for a moment Say "Where to go with you"

Not only did he feel confused but even the village of the Shen family was all the same Uncle Shen had questioned Mai Xiaoyun and Mai Wuming However people seem to have unspeakable secrets or not enough for outsiders only to hide the mystery in the bottom of their hearts Go to a very good place and then you will know The law in the martial arts world is like this Skills are not as good as others What more can you say If you want to kill or cut you have to let others Shi Jingtao sighed "All right!" He sighed! But can you tell me who you are "Old man Xu Zhiyu" "Old Fu Luo Yu Zhong" The "safflower pen" also reported its name and said "Xiaolun is at the next table" Shi Jingtao's heart suddenly jumped up again He said in horror "It's you It's you No wonder it's the devil of the world" Toumo didn't turn around and left No wonder Gong Tianyou the toad of cosmetic tube
the snow mountain slipped away Alas! "Let's go!" Shi Jingtao's heart suddenly moved "Just our father and son" He said "Yes"

"Then may I give my subordinates a few words of work" "Of course" Shi Jingtao's frustration gradually faded and his faith gradually rose Thoughts are constantly surging in his heart yes So he asked one by one Can my father and son survive here "Of course there is" Shi Jingtao is a fierce hero and this reply log is in his mind The reason why he made the above question is just a test About how long Xu Zhiyu hesitated and said "Maybe a few months maybe three or five years I can't tell you exactly" Shi Jingtao did not take it seriously and his heart was more comfortable At least they were not dead yet Then he continued to pursue them and said empty lotion tubes "That" Why did you arrest us Xu Zhiyu said frankly "To cultivate oneself to cultivate one's nature" Shi Jingtao can not help but be ashamed although his mind is not as insidious as you Jianting but he is a metaphor for Cao Cao arbitrary wide Negative the people of the world can not let the people of the world negative me so all the people and things he decided must do everything possible to make them submit To achieve his wish otherwise the people and things that he did not like would not come to a good end so he saw the opportunity to change the topic Are you friends of the Shen Yichen brothers "You could say that" "So are the two Mai Xiaoyun" "It should be" Shi Jingtao was frustrated and depressed He exhaled his breath shifted his target paused slightly and then raised his voice and said "Four King Kong you take five crabs back to Shijiazhuang take care of your wife and young lady and seldom go out when you have nothing to do"

The three King Kong and the five crabs of the Shi family gathered together The Iron Lute King Kong looked gloomy and said with a heavy heart "Genus!" I will obey the orders of the Villa Leader
” "You Jianting!" "Yes!" You Jianting bowed saluted and obediently responded in his original form If you want to stay in Shijiazhuang in the future you should constantly reflect on yourself and exercise more restraint To be benevolent to be tolerant to be forgiving to ask for instructions from your wife and young lady for big things and to consult with the four King Kong for small things remember remember! You Jianting said in a bitter voice "The golden words of the subordinate Yongming Villa Leader" Life and death its feelings depend on people will "die" its words are also good Shi Jingtao is afraid that their father and son will become a generation "Strong man" the wind is rustling and the water is cold However the word "death" above only means exile or exile Fuhu King Kong suddenly limped over He blushed and said "Why don't we sink the boat with a broken axe and carry our backs to the water"

The mood of World War I and the other side of a war Shi plastic laminated tube
Jingtao shook his head sadly and said "It's no use" This will only increase casualties There was a big battle just now Is it And the two predecessors haven't made a move yet! Is this the hero's shortness of breath It can be said that at least he is not a hero but also a hero but also a real man because he knows the general situation He knows the current affairs and he can bend and stretch! However he sighed and sighed that he was determined to win before he got out of the army which made the hero full of tears The emissaries in the martial arts world are all gloomy Shi Jingtao was reserved for a while held back for a while and then said proudly "Well let's break up here" "Take care Villa Leader" This sentence came from the mouth of You Jianting I'm not going I'm not going "Shi Zicai who had been silent for a long time suddenly waved his hands like a mad tiger and rushed toward Mai Wuming" Zi Cai! Shi Jingtao roared out immediately raised his giant palm and put his hand on his son's shoulder so as not to make any foolish movements But Shi Zicai was still struggling and howling at the top of his voice "I want Shen Ruwan" I want Shen Ruwan He shed tears to communicate his eyes were scattered and his spirit seemed to be somewhat deranged Is this love between children Is it Can be said to be can also be