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"Gradually fly in order to defeat the three magic tides our energy and energy have been consumed" We Are you still moving forward Zhuo Xiaowei drove the polar bear and paced to the front of Gao Jianfei His face was pale and tired Powers when releasing powers are not released endlessly Their energy in fact is mental power which is composed of a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland In order to defeat the magic tide they continuously carry out high-intensity mental concentration and power bombing Now finally also is unable to stand the whole body as if is hollowed out general uncomfortable Gao Jianfei thought like lightning Today 20000 special forces have lost at least seven or eight thousand The powers are all tired and lie down If we move forward again good or bad luck is unpredictable! Besides among the aliens there is still polyfoil tube
an overly powerful Kensei hidden at the moment whose fighting capacity is probably ten thousand times stronger than those ordinary warriors! No way! Retreat for now! Retreat first!

Of course at the beginning of the retreat Qi traction it is inevitable to cause a strong counterattack from these aliens But now Kill a full thousand aliens and then retreat the pursuit of aliens has been very limited It is very difficult to cause a big counterattack on the earth forces You know Gao Jianfei himself has calculated it in his mind About ten days have passed since the last time the aliens in the three battlefields were wiped out Now the number of aliens that have come to each battlefield on Earth is at most more than one thousand In this small battle although the Earth forces suffered heavy losses they also killed at least a thousand aliens and annihilated more than half of the alien forces in Rio de Janeiro Speaking of the battle it was a lose-lose situation Ok! Retreat for now!

It's horrible! The muscles in the corner of Hertz's eyes twitched a few times just letting the magician condense the magic tide to attract most of the firepower of the Earth forces and then let a thousand brave chaos rush to kill Hertz thought it was a brilliant idea On the one hand he did not think that the firepower of the earthlings could destroy the three magic tides before they were ready to take shape After all these three magic tides are full of the magic of hundreds of magicians! Therefore after a period of chaos and slaughter of warriors the magic tide of the three regiments which were not completely destroyed would cause terrible losses to the Earth's army Then Hertz will lead the rest of the people to clean up the mess It was a foolproof plan However the plan did not succeed First the attack power of the hundred platinum powers was so strong that they were destroyed before the three magic tides broke out Second a thousand soldiers were all killed! You know these one thousand warriors are much higher in rank and stronger in strength than the beast warriors who first came to the earth
Individual combat capability is very strong!

If there is a melee a thousand warriors of this level can kill at least tens of thousands of Earth soldiers However Gao Jianfei appeared! By himself he killed more than one warrior! This is horrible! Speaking of it Hertz believes that their loss will be greater than that of the people on earth! "That guy is very interesting" At this time Hertz gazed at the image of Gao Jianfei in the crystal mirror The murderous look in his eyes was as strong as substance His strength has exceeded that of a level 9 warrior Hertz said with certainty What A group of Beaststar warriors and magicians all cried out in horror A magician asked shakily Super Level 9 Warrior Hertz Kensei what do custom cosmetic packaging
you mean uh …… Is he also a Kensei "No he hasn't reached the level of Kensei yet He's still half a step away from Kensei but" Hertz pulled out an almost cruel smile at the corners of his mouth However this half step away is insurmountable! Unexpectedly there is such a strong man on the earth If I can kill him then I will complete another breakthrough in kendo! Next I want him to understand how easy it is for the real Kensei to kill him!

Although his strength is infinitely close to Kensei he is just an ant in front of the real Kensei! Say that finish the sword Saint Hertz step by step toward the supermarket outside a group of more intense than the sun's dazzling light directly enveloped Hertz His long cloak dragged on the ground making his back look infinitely handsome After killing that man the people of the earth will be vulnerable! "Oh!"! Sword Saint Hertz finally decided to make a move! Let's go! Let's keep up! The group of Beastmen straight behind Hertz rushed out of the supermarket Gao Jianfei gave the order to retreat Planes in the sky tanks on the ground special forces and platinum powers all withdrew toward their positions

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