Colorful Ring Song-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

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Colorful Ring Song-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Qi Sanqi" took one look at Xiang Huang and said with a smile "This boy's craziness just now is really not pleasing to the eye Let him be quiet for a while Go Dabao carry him away and change some wine Let my brother drink to Miss Tao and Brother Liu" Tao Chunchun giggled and said "Don't you want us to eat like this" Ouch! Then I'd rather be hungry "Qi Daqi" laughed and said "Go and bring the cups chopsticks and bowls with you" Liu Heting sighed slightly and said "The terrain here is secluded but the scenery is so beautiful It's really a blessed place The immortals don't envy it but I don't know how you four found it here" But in his heart he thought even more "The four of his brothers are all disabled people but it is even more rare and strange that they have arranged this place so neatly and delicately" But he was afraid that these words about disability would touch the Qi brothers' sore spot so although he thought about it in his heart he did not say it in his mouth The giant "Great Treasure" did indeed take two pairs of cups and chopsticks and a pot of good wine He came over and bent down to put it on the ground He was tall and not very stupid When he bent down and got up he was just like a normal person Liu Heting thanked him with a smile but Qi Siqi said plastic packing tube
to himself with a smile "It's a long story You and I can talk about it while we eat Isn't Miss Tao already hungry" Liu Heting smiled and picked up the cups and chopsticks but he saw that the pots and cups in front of him were all very delicate things The chopsticks were made of jade and inlaid with silver shells Even in a rich family it was hard to see such delicate utensils Liu Heting could not help but move in his heart and said to himself

"The Qi brothers were born disabled How could they have cups and chopsticks But these cups and chopsticks are so delicate Are they specially used to entertain guests" As his mind turned he couldn't help wondering "Dabao" bent down again and poured a glass of wine for himself and Tao Chunchun but added half a basin to the Biwang basin "Qi Daqi laughed and said" Come on! You can't eat this pearl through the feet of the phoenix but the pot of dragon through the wings of the phoenix and the golden roast chicken next to it are beautiful things Please eat some quickly while it's still lukewarm Liu Heting squinted at Tao Chunchun and saw that she stretched out her jade palm and picked up a piece of chicken Her palm was as white as jade and her chopsticks were as green as jade

The chicken was as golden as gold and the plastic packaging tube
three colors reflected each other It was really pleasing to the eye so she stretched out her chopsticks and took it to the pot of "golden roast chicken" Where to know- His chopsticks just touched the chicken suddenly a sharp whistle from top to bottom across the air he was startled chopsticks can not help a meal only to hear a "whoosh" a long arrow of yellow plume and black pole fell from the air impartially inserted in the "golden roast chicken" he was stunned retracted chopsticks but saw that the head of this pair of jade chopsticks inlaid with silver unexpectedly turned black Tao Chunchun called out softly and the smiles on the faces of the Qi brothers had stopped This long arrow came in a strange way not to mention it It was surrounded by mountain walls but the arrow fell from the air I don't know where it came from but it was so urgent that it fell behind The arrow plume was still trembling It was obvious that the person who fired the arrow was so strong that he could be regarded as a good hand in tens of thousands What is more amazing is that the long arrow falls slightly touching the silver chopsticks of the chicken it has become black the poison on the arrow is not appalling! As soon as Liu Heting turned his eyes he saw the Qi brothers looking at each other Tao Chunchun was even more pale eye cream packaging tube In a pair of eyes he was full of panic He stared blankly at the long arrow Liu Heting frowned his eyebrows and turned over his wrist He was about to pull out the long arrow but his shoulder tightened but he was pressed by the giant "Dabao" and could not move A rough and deep voice came from behind "The arrow is highly poisonous You can't touch it! Liu Heting could not help sighing and thought "I didn't expect this man to look so stupid but to be so careful!"

With a smile of approval and gratitude he tore off a piece of white cloth wrapped it around the yellow plume of the arrow shaft and pulled it out When I fixed my eyes I saw that the body of the arrow was very long the shaft of the arrow was black and black but the arrowhead was purple On the yellow plume at the end of the shaft there were two small characters written on one side "Chuanyun" which were hard to detect without attention and on the other side there were two words "broken moon"
Liu Heting frowned and said "Through the clouds through the moon" Through the clouds and the moon! Suddenly he stood up and said in a loud voice "Who is my friend" What's the point of shooting arrows in the back But please show yourself! The voice was clear and full of energy and word by word was transmitted far away and the lingering sound curled up corresponding to the sound of empty mountains flowing water and trees but after a long time there was still no echo around Liu Heting frowned and said "Why is this arrow so strange" Piercing the clouds and breaking the moon Brother Qi Miss Tao do you know anyone in the martial arts world who uses this kind of yellow plume and black pole On the plume is written a long arrow piercing the clouds As soon as Tao Chunchun's eyes closed he shook his head slightly and said "I've been shut up at home all the time How did I know that" "I don't know brother" said Qi Daqi Suddenly he burst out laughing again and said "No matter who he is if he comes my brother will offer him a pot of special wine and a piece of pearl to wear the feet of a phoenix so that he can taste it" As soon as the voice fell the four brothers burst out laughing together Where to know- The four of his brothers were still laughing and suddenly they came in the air with a "bang" The sound was short and low which was not the same as the sharp sound of the arrow shaft breaking through the air just now The brothers Tao Chunchun Liu Heting and Qi were startled They looked up and saw a blue light flashing over their heads Then with a "bang" a green fire suddenly burst out on the opposite rock like Eagle eye cream packing tube
Mountain In the light of the fire several green handwriting appeared "a ghost chasing a soul Three gods take life! Handwriting in the light flash and disappear! "What kind of trick is that" Asked Liu Heting "Qi Siqi" laughed and said "One ghost and three gods If they come to kill me my four brothers will serve one of them I'm sure all the ghosts and gods will suffer" As soon as the voice fell he suddenly saw a dark shadow flying slowly When he came near he saw that it was a parrot with green feathers It flew around the heads of all the people It squeaked "If you can't study come to learn the sword The elegant gathering of the coquettish people will shake all directions" The chirping of the birds did not sound like human language at first but it chirped three times in a row

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