Pure Yang is really immortal

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Pure Yang is really immortal

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"Fart" Who can compare with Ben Wang Besides the king who has the ability to unify the dragon clan The East Dragon King was poked in the sore spot and immediately shouted hysterically "This king will unify the dragon clan and become the supreme dragon emperor Only this king is qualified to achieve great achievements and achieve great hegemony This king will become the dragon emperor!"! The king will first take the ice dragon clan under his command then the blue dragon clan one day the fire dragon clan the salon clan will submit to the king's feet no It's at the foot of the emperor! "Hey you like to live in fantasy I don't blame you but you want to sacrifice nine younger sister in exchange for your great achievements I will never allow!" glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate
Ao strong voice loudly sounded "Today I will let you wake up from the fantasy let you know that the ancient wasteland strong people come forth in large numbers masters like clouds not to mention those super strong people even if I step into the secret land of crossing the void but hundreds of years I can still defeat you" As he spoke the sound of the blood dragon which was more than three thousand feet strong shrank sharply and in an instant it turned into a human body stepping on a group of white clouds about 18 meters tall with a full head of red hair emitting an amazing momentum When Gu Chen saw it he was startled in his eyes In front of him except for his red hair his momentum was very different and his appearance was exactly the same as that of the beggar without regret The dragon has no regrets Gu Chen shouted tentatively Ao Lie looked down at Gu Chen nodded slightly and said "Yes it's me!"! Thank you for telling me the news of nine tannic acid astringent
younger sisters Looking at Ao Lie Gu Chen felt a sigh in his heart It turned out that in his previous life after the war of the three clans a thousand years ago the first monk who stepped into the secret realm of crossing the void was not hiding the secret but Ao Lie the seven princes of the East China Sea However

Ao Lie lived like a mortal beggar He stepped into the secret realm of crossing the void Indeed no one in the world knew about it Besides Ao Lie was a monk of the Dragon Clan He was the first human to step into the secret realm of crossing the void in his previous life and he hid the secret of heaven The human race knows very little about the sorcerer and the demon It is said that the secret of heaven is the first genius of the ancient lutein eye complex
wilderness It is not the sorcerer and the demon There is no one who can compare with the secret of heaven but the human race does not know it Are you the seventh brother of Xiaolongnv Xiaolongnv used to read you every day saying that she was good to her only her seven elder brothers she was on the flying dragon boat must have been sealed the magic power banned in the dragon boat otherwise she should have spoken out long ago you save her quickly! Sanskrit sound looked at Ao Lie excited tunnel Ao Lie nodded and said "You two go to save Jiu Mei I'll deal with the East Dragon King" "Unbridled!"

The East Dragon King shouted angrily "This king none of you three can leave today How dare you dream of saving people" Let you see today carnosic acid price the strength of the king see the name of the king is the wave of undeserved reputation or well-deserved! As soon as the voice fell the East Dragon King clenched his fists with two hands and the fist prints were knotted like the sound of a dragon which sounded from the two fists of the East Dragon King Black Dragon Kill As soon as the East Dragon King drank fiercely his fists came out and two huge black fists came out Two huge black dragon shadows along with the two fists suddenly appeared and came to Guchen and Sanskrit As soon as the two fists came out they seemed to be accompanied by a real dragon The two fists of the East Dragon King contained his understanding of the law It seemed that there were only two more flickering dragon shadows than the fists struck by the monks in the Secret Land of Life Spring but the power was more than a hundred times stronger These two fists are far more powerful than the previous random punch Chapter 106 rescue Xiaolongnv With the cultivation of ancient Chen and Sanskrit sound even if there is a supreme magic weapon hand it can not block the terrible attack of the East Dragon King's two fists'Black Dragon Kill ' Boiling this naturally will not let the ancient Chen and Sanskrit sound by the East Dragon King's fist Gang attack As soon as Ao Lie's handprint moved he pinched it into a magic seal and pointed it out to the East Dragon King's two fists He shouted "Blood Shadow God Drill Break" The two magic powers came out from the sharp fingertips and turned into two red storms which kept rotating In the storm two huge blood diamonds as bright as blood and as big as a hundred feet appeared like shadows
Boom Boom The two shocking storms collided with the two black fists of the East Dragon King and two loud explosions rang out at the same time At the same time the power of the law contained in the fists Black Dragon Kill and the power of the law contained in the shocking storms Blood Shadow Diamond also began to confront each other head-on Hundreds of feet around the space suddenly distorted at a glance the shadow of the fist inside seems to be stretched long at the same time contains the law of huge destruction ripple rapidly spread to the four directions ripple through space as if cut into pieces by sawteeth looks layered seems to have endless space The destruction ripple of the power of law is more than ten times stronger than the vibration destruction of the power of law Even if the space is like this the nearby ground needless to say suddenly cracks forming a huge crack as wide as tens of Zhangs especially where the "Black Dragon Kill" and the "Blood Shadow God Drill" collided with a radius of hundreds of Zhangs the ground directly collapsed tens of Zhangs deep forming a huge pit The original sand mud and stone were completely sucked into the space saw palmetto extract
cracks and torn into nothingness The power of the strong man who crossed the secret realm was so powerful that it was really incredible and earth-shaking Chi la Two sharp sounds sounded powerful law ripple just scraped only to see the two black dragon giant shadows of the'Black

Dragon Kill ' which were smashed by the fierce'Blood Shadow Diamond' The'Blood Shadow Diamond 'kept rotating and continued to rush forward shooting from the middle of two huge black fists and the sound was sounded from the two black fists Just as the clothes were torn to pieces two huge black fists were also turned into fragments and completely destroyed by the'Blood Shadow Diamond ' 'Blood Shadow God Diamond 'castration is not reduced continue to rush to the East Dragon King Ao strong body a flash suddenly appeared in front of thousands of feet after chasing the'blood shadow God drill ' double gimmick print a little and two red storm appeared two blood red'blood shadow God drill' continue to shoot to the East Dragon King Uh The East Dragon King frowned Unexpectedly his'Black Dragon Kill 'was killed without a trace by Ao Lie so quickly Although Ao Lie had only been in the secret realm for hundreds of years his understanding of the law did not seem to be weaker than that of the East Dragon King prius-biotech.com

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