The willow setting sun is a fierce tyrant

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The willow setting sun is a fierce tyrant

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The bastard has plotted against you I'll fight with him! With a gentle wave of his hand Mei Yizhu was as serene as ever "Be quiet be quiet" Holding half of Mei Yizhu tightly Qiuyun burst into tears like rain "How is this possible" Dad Dad how is this possible You Old Xiu Wei already can compare land immortal not bad King Kong how can be hurt by that boy He must have pulled some kind of dark hand Law Gu Zhongren clenched his teeth and jumped to his feet and shouted "Little bastard surnamed Yan little beast little bastard I want to beat his tendons" Peel his skin eat his flesh I swear not to coexist with him Mei lycopene for skin
Yizhu sighed slightly "Years of self-cultivation for the two of you the effect is really not big" Don't just look at my injury you should also compare my injury with Yan Tieyi's injury I don't feel good but I'm afraid it's even harder for him "Yes" Stamping his feet Qiuyun said excitedly "I don't care Dad I don't care What is Yan Tieyi" How can he compare with you The flesh and blood of his whole body can not be exchanged for a hair of yours he he But he cut you four swords I want him to die I must He died Mei Yizhu said calmly "How can I ask him to make up for these four swords Miss Yun it's my business I'll ask him to admit it"

For a reasonable price you don't have to add to my annoyance by shouting! "Elder Martial Brother" said Gu Zhongren proudly "I want his life This little bastard" Mei Yizhu said slowly "You too Shut up! Yan Tieyi sitting over there began to struggle to stand up with his sword on the ground and his eyes looked coldly at this Here on the face except blue and white does not have any expression! Mei Yizhu's eyes were empty and he turned to Yan Tieyi and said heavily "Brother Yan I have to tell you that your sword soul is transformed" Dragon's one sword move is full of skill It's rare for you to have such profound attainments at such a young age Especially Yes it is even more rare that you are able to gather strength and concentrate strength again in the instant when mulberry leaf extract weight loss
the stamina is not sustained and the True Qi is scattered And I underestimated you too Yan Tieyi's body twitched for a moment and he said in an obscure way "I learned a brilliant move from Mr Mei today which made me feel more aware of martial arts" Tao is as deep as the vast sea Let's not mention that no one can resist my one-style swordsmanship of "Soul Sword Turning into Dragon" but Mr Mei can solve it I have never seen most of the martial arts you use and I don't even know their origins Holding out Yin Chi's ten fingers which were still stained with the blood of Yan Tieyi Mei Yizhu said with pleasure "I am the one who has been attacking you and hurting you" The ten hairy fingers of both hands brother Yan I use the method of "penetrating the heart" " Smiling he added "There is a name for the light body technique that dissolves your sword move of'Soul Calibur phycocyanin spirulina
Turning into a Dragon 'It is called'Yi Xu Rong "Spirit" this flying skill unless there is a special endowment and perseverance but not everyone can practice Yan Tieyi was suddenly enlightened and said "Yes I've heard of this strange art of lightening the body I seem to remember practicing it" The kungfu of'spirit 'must be a person with a particularly long lung inhalation capacity lutein and zeaxanthin supplements In addition the specific gravity of bone is also extremely important "Yes" said Mei Yizhu "but the most important thing is that the child's body is not broken Otherwise once yuan Yang is released he will never be able to practice "" Slowly he went on to say "As for the posture I used at the beginning" Yan Tieyi said "Yes It's called the ' "Of the Great Shift of Nine Ghosts Owl by Liu Canyang Chapter 53 Chongying sympathizes with each other With a look of surprise Mei Yizhu said "Do you know this posture"

"Just a little Mr Mei" said Yan Tieyi "Well" said Mei Yizhu "you probably understand the trick" "I only know a little" said Yan Tieyi
” Mei Yizhu said in a low voice "As far as you are concerned you are already very worthy of pride Brother Yan you can actually make me suffer" Damage-it was something I had never encountered before and I didn't even think of it With a sigh Yan Tieyi said "Mr Mei to be honest I was equally shocked to meet a master like you today" Shocked again I did not expect that your jaw had reached such a state and this is something I have never encountered before The spasm of the wound on his back twisted Yan Tieyi's face He paused for a moment and then said "It's in my" In the opponent's hands no one can avoid a lighter injury than me after hurting me but in front of me I hurt more than you Mei Xian Health your martial arts your experience your reaction and wit I have to admire and admire to be exact you in the art of cultivation In fact it's higher than mine "I don't deny that" said Mei Yizhu calmly Yan Tieyi smiled with difficulty and said "You have strange and profound skills You are skillful in understanding changes You are ancient and abstruse" Skill can be said to be the peak has reached the state of perfection before you I have never seen the second person with such heat! rosmarinic acid supplement
Mei Yizhu smiled and said "It's a false reputation" "I don't know" said Yan Tieyi "when Mr Mei was my age he already had the skill I have today" Mei Yizhu's expression suddenly became sad "

Not as good as you" he said Nodding his head Yan Tieyi said "So when I reach your age if I can live so long" Mr Mei after more than forty years of immersion I know that I am not more accomplished than you are today! Mei Yizhu nodded his head and said "Well said brother Yan That makes sense" Standing next to the'little white snake 'Qiuyun can not help but be anxious "Dad what are you doing with Yan's nagging" Again If he went on he would think that his father was going to have a good talk with him "Miss Yun" said Mei Yizhu leisurely "an enemy does not necessarily have to be hated Let his nature be different Should be hated often your opponent will also make you feel carefree and happy such as meeting a bosom friend Yan Tieyi will have such advantages Point I am in the identity of a martial arts fellow to another martial arts fellow to explore the connotation of skills describe the origin of tricks and

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