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Ka Tu

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Sure enough soon there was a reply from Jiao Si and the other party agreed without hesitation And Jiao Si will come tomorrow with the Carthew and the card maker that Bagnell needs so efficient enough to prove how eager Jiao Si is to make the folding Yanboka These new recruits Carthew followed Bagnell into the base all with a look of surprise Looking around they were immediately conquered by this advanced base but they could not dream of working in such a base one day In their perception this is the place where Carthew works at a high level The only comparable base in Luoshi is the base of Zhongzhou Group They were shocked by the advanced facilities inside and many of them could not help being a little timid Their hearts are burning and this time they are making a lot of money Although they do not know who their boss is and which force they belong to one thing is worth affirming that they are definitely not ordinary small forces This makes them all full of spirit and full of longing for the future However none of them thought that the next thing waiting for them was not the days of immortals but the life of hell! After settling these people down Bagnell came to naringenin price
the training ground Bagnell was startled by the hot scene in the training ground The shouts the explosions the screeches were all mixed up and rang out And these Carthews who used to be calm were all crazy When Wu Yu saw Bagnell he quickly stopped his training and ran over with his bare feet His face was almost like a flower with a smile "

Boss why did you take my card back all night and become so much more powerful" Boss why don't you take my card for another night No no no take it for a few more nights Suddenly found their card power greatly increased like a swordsman suddenly found their hands of ordinary iron sword overnight into a sharp sword how not to let these people ecstatic At their level the difficulty of getting the right card is beyond the imagination of people like Chen Mu Although their salaries are not low compared with the high prices of high-end cards on the market they can only sigh What's more not all advanced cards are suitable for them The shortest cards they have on hand now have been studied for five or six years and the longest ones have been studied for more than ten years If they change cards it means that they need to adapt and study another energy structure which they are very reluctant to do Advanced cards are hard to find and advanced cards that suit you are even harder to find Unless they reach the level of Jiao Si their understanding of energy has reached a fairly core level Now it is equivalent to Chen Mu upgrading their cards by one level Although the energy structure of these cards has changed they are the same as before They understand and adapt more quickly and easily! As a result stesweet stevia Bagnell saw a hot scene in the training ground in front of him Seeing this he immediately made adjustments to the training plan and increased Carthew's free training time They need to adapt to the modified cards as soon as possible so that they can play a greater role in combat effectiveness Otherwise not to mention group cooperation their individual combat effectiveness will not rise but fall After readjusting the training plan Bagnell went to Chen Mu and the core of his plan was the boss himself Episode 3 Section 257 Preparing for War (2) When the plan was first designated Bagnell clearly grasped the advantages of their side Their greatest turmeric extract powder
advantage is that they have a master business card maker which may be a limited advantage in the eyes of ordinary people but Bagnell is keenly aware of the power contained therein So he decided to maximize this advantage In his view the most powerful place of a master business card maker is not how many powerful cards he should make but his powerful design ability Naturally this has limited effect on ordinary teams but if a good commander is added the energy that both can burst out is shocking enough Chen Mu was very surprised and the plan placed in front of him made him feel extremely surprised! It never occurred to him that such a creative scheme would come from the hands of a non-card repair and business card maker
Aware of Chen Mu's surprise Bagnell came up cautiously "Do you think it's feasible" To be honest he did not have much confidence in his proposal The reason why he put forward such a strange plan is that he is willing Most of the ideas for this plan have been with him for a long time but he has never had a chance to implement them This time forced by the situation he remembered the idea that had been stranded for many years He has no other way to improve his strength in the short term Although the boss's ability is strong but the foundation is weak want to attract those masters the possibility is not big In addition to money Carthew needs something else to attract high-level Carthew But the boss doesn't have these things That's why he put forward this plan but what about its feasibility It will not be known until the boss decides and once the plan is feasible he believes that it is absolutely a historic innovation Even if it doesn't work Bagnell has another backup plan but the backup plan doesn't satisfy him It's hard to say You'll have to try it before you know Chen Mu stared at the plan in front of him and subconsciously said Bagnell's plan is still a little rough in his eyes which is inevitable In terms of the strength of Carthew

Bagnell can only be considered unfashionable and business card printing is ignorant He just put forward such an idea from the perspective of a commander and the details are naturally not taken into account This idea is full of imagination Every Carthew releases pumpkin seed extract
an energy body by releasing the initial energy released by the energy card in the meter through the magic card to form an energy body and then release it Senior Carthew on the other hand has one more step That is to adjust the structure of the energy body to achieve a more optimized goal and then release it Carthew who has a deeper understanding of the energy structure can optimize the adjustment of the energy body and release more powerful energy body But in Bagnell's idea he separated each step prius-biotech.com

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