The Strongest Dad in the Other World

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The Strongest Dad in the Other World

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Several fireballs finally calmed Jiang Rankong's anger In the kingdom of God the most concentrated place of Jiang's firepower was not just razed to the ground but directly turned into a deep pit and everything in the pit had turned into a piece of powder None of the royal families of the Kingdom of God could escape the disaster There were few casualties among the people of the Kingdom of God but they were all confused about the destruction of the palace Some say that because of the perverse acts of the royal family of the Kingdom of God God is angry The result of launching the curse of God some said it was the result of a once-in-a-century natural disaster and some said it was the result of the court magician of the Kingdom of God testing the forbidden curse out of control For a time there were many different opinions However no matter what the reason is the present Zhongshen Kingdom has been in a very chaotic situation The collapse of the royal family of Zhongshen Kingdom has directly led to the hollow of the power of Zhongshen Kingdom The whole ghana seed extract
country is in a state of anarchy in an instant Provincial officials at all levels do not know who to report their situation to and what to do next All of a sudden some ambitious provincial officials directly set up another mountain declared independence and established a new Demon state while other officials who maintained the unity of the kingdom established a unified alliance and engaged in a fierce war of unification and independence with the newly established Demon state Of course as the other four

Demon countries on the Demon continent naturally they will not easily let go of this uncontrolled land Because the Zhongshen Kingdom was located in the central area of the four kingdoms the neighboring Eastern Evil Kingdom and Western Mad Kingdom took the lead in attacking the Zhongshen Kingdom They launched a war from the east and west of Zhongshen Kingdom in the name of maintaining order but actually annexed the territory They defeated the private armies of nobles in one province after another and occupied the territory of Zhongshen Seeing this situation the Southern Poison Kingdom and the Northern Beggar Kingdom were naturally unwilling to lose this piece of fat meat Then in the name of helping the Central God Kingdom resist the foreign aggressors the Eastern Evil Kingdom and the Western Mad Kingdom they sent troops to the Central God Kingdom and constantly occupied the territory of the Middle God Kingdom at a speed not inferior to the speed of aggression of the two countries

The nobles and officials of Zhongshen Kingdom wanted to resist but without a unified and powerful government all their efforts were in vain and the four Demons soon occupied almost all the territory of Zhongshen Kingdom Because of the occupation of the territory of Zhongshen Kingdom among the four countries there are also many differences between them In the end among the four countries of the Demons the East Evil Kingdom and the West Mad Kingdom formed an alliance called the Demon Justice Alliance and the South Poison Kingdom and the North Beggar Kingdom formed turmeric extract powder
an alliance called the Demon Freedom Alliance Between the two major alliances Constantly competing for interests in the territory of the Kingdom of God and eventually intensified a war affecting the entire Demon continent is about to start Since then the name of Zhongshen Kingdom has ceased to exist and the Demon Continent has evolved from the era of Five

Kingdoms to the era of Four Kingdoms The history of the Demon Continent has opened a new page Demons the palace of the Demon Emperor Demon Emperor Saga is sitting on the throne thinking His prime minister Archimedes was declaiming to him "Your Majesty" Now the situation is very bad the royal family of Zhongshen Kingdom was destroyed by an inexplicable natural disaster pumpkin seed extract the balance of the original Demon continent was broken and the remaining four Demon countries were ready to annex the territory of Zhongshen Kingdom The war is imminent which is a very bad thing for our entire Demon continent "Once a war breaks out the war of the four Demon Kingdoms will make our Demon continent lose the chance to attack the land of Aram and we will lose the chance to turn the land of Aram into our raw material supply forever!" "How do you think we can avoid this war" Demon Emperor Saga nodded Hold a meeting Talk to the representatives of the four countries and try to make them stop the jujube seed powder
war Said Archimedes But why did they come back to attend the meeting What if they don't Demon Emperor Saga asked Your Majesty's daughter Liya is beautiful Among the Demons there are countless suitors including the four Demon countries
If this meeting is held in the name of Lydia's martial arts the four countries will try to get your support in order to gain a higher position on the mainland to dominate I believe that the royal representatives of the four countries of the Demons will send representatives to attend this meeting Your Majesty will have a chance to persuade them to unite and go on an expedition to the land of Aran first

Archimedes said All right that's a good idea I'll do as you say Demon Emperor Saga said "As it happens Liya's child is also old enough to get married It's just right to choose one of the four royal families of the Demons so that the girl won't have to run around all the time" As he spoke the Demon Emperor Saga turned to his attendant and ordered "I'll give you two orders First get Princess Lydia back immediately Second issue a list of articles for Princess Lydia to fight for marriage and invite representatives of the royal families of the four countries of the Demons to attend" "Yes Your Majesty" The attendant Li Xuan took the order and turned away At this moment Jiang Rankong who caused the situation in the Demon continent to change dramatically was leading his party in the direction of Mordor without knowing it The incident in the capital of the Kingdom of God in his view was just a trivial matter If you do it you do it and then you forget it After traveling for more than ten days akba boswellic acid
Mordor was finally in sight This is a very prosperous very beautiful big city although the Demon Emperor's territory is only such a city but this city is the holy land of the Demon belief in the whole continent In their minds the status is supreme a bit like the status of the Vatican network in the hearts of the light believers in the human world on the land of Aram Soon to Mordor Jiang Rankong and his party decided to rest first and then go to the Demons so they came to a roadside snack bar to eat something Several people asked for some simple food and were eating it when Jiang saw a soldier suddenly walk into the shop A sticker was pasted on the pillar What are they playing at Jiang Rankong was puzzled for a while A good man in the restaurant stepped forward and shook his head It turned out that the Demon Emperor was going to give a notice for his daughter Libianya to compete for marriage It said that the time place and method of marriage and that those who signed up must be members of the royal family of the four countries of the Demons

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