Help! I fell in love with NPC (1)

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Help! I fell in love with NPC (1)

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After hearing what the sea girl said they decided to visit the fake Penglai at night Mo also probably did not expect two people to be so bold dare to break in directly Mo Ye's room is not difficult to find the steward's residence is always much more gorgeous is a separate courtyard There are four island owners here one is in seclusion one is traveling one only knows how to practice martial arts on weekdays and only Mo is in charge As long as you see the most traces of human activity in that courtyard it must be Mo The two of them went directly into Moye's yard bedroom study and training room Nanxi lay on the window and looked at it pointing to the study and gesturing to Jiang Xiao Jiang Xiao nodded and the two of cosmetic tube packaging
them quietly pushed the window and turned in The door can not be pushed the study is too close to the bedroom once the door makes too much noise it will immediately alarm Mo also But they did not expect that the study was connected to the bedroom with only a heavy curtain in the middle There were a lot of things in the study three walls were filled with bookshelves one side was filled with some ornaments coral porcelain bottles stones and so on and the shelf facing the bedroom was filled with books but Nanxi looked roughly and found that they were all Four Books and Five Classics and Travel Notes There was also a desk in the room and behind the desk was a couch which was soft next to the bookshelf Pen ink paper and inkstone were placed on the table At this time a piece of old yellow-brown paper was placed on the table on which some lines were drawn densely like a map or a letter with hidden information Nanxi tried to keep the lines in mind and they crept through the room for a while when they suddenly heard a knock on the window of the bedroom next door Island owner The muffled sound came vaguely from the outside Then I heard someone lift the quilt and get out of bed and tube lip gloss
Mo opened the door directly without holding the lamp How's it going Mo asked in the same low voice There's news "Say it quickly"

They sat down at the table in the bedroom Nan Xi and Jiang Xiao both covered their mouths and noses and dared not breathe The two men looked at each other and looked around the room There was really no place to hide What to do Nan Xi asked silently She was standing behind the table legs next to the bed the bed is half a person high about 12 meters wide if you can get in two people can barely hide otherwise you can only tear the face on the front The man who came in said "These two are really disciples of Wudang Jiang Xiao is a new disciple of Zhang Zhenren He is very good at martial arts and has a small reputation in Jianghu" Nanxi is an elder disciple but only a registered disciple but a little strange is that her martial arts are also very good the same is not small These two people suddenly appeared here and at this time will it ruin our business Mo also hesitated for a while "don't mess up since they came to my dragon island no matter whose disciple he is don't want to leave easily" Is the other thing done Dragon Island Mo also claimed that this was Shenlong Island They still refused to talk plastic cosmetic tubes but they still let us find the place which is there but there is an undersea volcano and we can't get in "Have you ever gone in" "A man went in and died" "Send another one with better martial arts" "Yes" "Lord of the island that" The man hesitated "Come with me" said Mo As they spoke they seemed to get up and come to the study When Nanxi saw that he could not escape he was about to fight hard when Jiang Xiao grabbed her hand and rolled under the bed The bed was very low on both sides but it was very empty inside They managed to squeeze in and they heard that the two men had gone into the study This is the antidote for two months "Lord Xie!"

Shuigu And it has something to do with the people of Wan Gu Men Nan Xi could not speak so he could only pinch Jiang Xiao's arm Jiang Xiao hugged her tightly and wrote a word in the palm of her hand "Don't worry" Sure enough Mo also went on to say "These two people first observe for a while if they are restless feed them water since they are good at martial arts let them go to explore there" Be sure to find something as soon as possible "Yes" Then the man went out and Mo sat in the study for a while and got up and went back to the bedroom
Jiang Xiao and Nan Xi waited under the bed for another hour and only when they heard Mo breathing evenly did they dare to come out But just as they were about to climb out of the window Mo suddenly became alert He shouted "Who is it" Nan Xi and Jiang Xiao did not care much and jumped out of the window and left Both of them were very fast and by the time Mo came out they had already floated down the mountain Mo also chased a few steps to disappear this island who's martial arts he knows clearly at this time do not have to continue to chase he will know who is I just don't know how much they heard Nanxi and Jiang Xiao returned to the house and found that Mo had not sent anyone to catch up with him but as if nothing had happened it was quiet I should have guessed it was us Jiang Xiaodao You already know it's us Why don't you just expose us "There's no hurry metal cosmetic tubes
at this moment" Nan Xi nodded thoughtfully remembering that the water they had just mentioned should also be a kind of poison which seemed to have something to do with Shenguang Gate Seeing her thoughtful face Jiang Xiao kissed the tip of her nose and said "Are you sleepy" "Eh" Not sleepy Nan Xi shook his head Have you ever learned the Tortoise Breathing Skill Nan Xi continued to shake his head "no"

She hasn't learned the Gui Xi Gong of Xiaoyao School yet It doesn't have any attack ability but it can assist in practicing One day's practice can be twice that of ordinary people but Nanxi hasn't started to learn it yet Then I'll teach you to close Qigong The deeper the internal force the longer it lasts in the water Closed Qigong can turn external breathing into internal breathing which is maintained by internal force Because most parts of Kyushu are water it will develop into the sea in the later period so there is the emergence of closed Qigong However most people have not yet been involved in the ocean so few people learn this closed Qigong Jiang Xiao is prescient Can the players pass on the work Nan Xi asked strangely

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