Dry and cracked mouth can be remedied in a natural way.

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Dry and cracked mouth can be remedied in a natural way.

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Tips to cure dry mouth naturally
If you are a frequent person with dry lips, before the treatment should begin with a lip scrub. To remove dead skin cells to come off first By using salt or sugar mixed with honey and then used to scrub the dry, flaky or flaky lips. After scrubbing the lips completely The next step is to nourish the lips. To help add moisture and prevent drying of the skin around the lips. With ingredients close to the body that have properties to help cure dry mouth such as

Coconut oil
This is because the skin on the lips has a lighter skin barrier than the skin on other areas of the body. Coconut oil will add moisture to the lips. Enhance the performance of the skin Plus it may have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects associated with dry mouth. By the way, using coconut oil to cure dry mouth is to take a cotton pad or clean finger, wipe the coconut oil and apply it on the lips in the required amount. It can be done all day or whenever you want.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera has moisture retention properties. Anti-inflammatory Contains antioxidants that penetrate the skin and help alleviate the damage to the lip surface. First, the aloe vera leaves are peeled. Take out the jelly meat and wash thoroughly. Then applied to the lips By applying 2-3 times a day because aloe vera contains mild enzymes that help in cell renewal. But if it is not convenient to use fresh aloe vera There are also products from aloe vera gel that can be applied on the mouth area as well. Which before use, always read the instructions on the product label for safety.

Besides being used as an ingredient in the process of exfoliating old skin cells from the lips. Honey can be used to relieve dry mouth. Because it has properties to help increase moisture and prevent infection in the fractured area. The use of honey to cure dry mouth can be done by using a cotton pad or clean fingers to wipe the honey. Then applied to the lips This can be done throughout the day or when needed. But those who are allergic to pollen and bee venom Avoid using honey and products that contain honey.

Studies have shown that avocados exhibit functional properties similar to those of the hydrating and concentrating agents found in lip balms. But the avocado meat is not greasy. Absorbs well into the skin. Contains many fatty acids and antioxidants. Avocado is another ingredient that can help relieve dry mouth. Just bring fresh avocado to mash. Then use a clean cotton pad or finger to wipe and apply on the lips as needed. Or it can also be used as an avocado-based product.

Petroleum jelly
Petroleum has longer moisture retention properties than oil or wax. It may help prevent dry skin from cracking. The American Society of Dermatologists (The American Academy of Dermatology: AAD) recommends that petroleum jelly should be applied on the lips during the day and before bedtime. To add moisture and inhibit dryness of the skin As well as relieve chapped lips

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