What is "gingivectomy"? Why is it dangerous to cut?

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What is "gingivectomy"? Why is it dangerous to cut?

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Gingivectomy slotxo Gingivectomy is a type of surgical procedure. Made to cut Or modify the shape of the gums This gum cut can be done to treat certain conditions such as gingivitis. Or deep gingival problems

What is a gum cut?
Gingivectomy is a type of surgical procedure. Made to cut Or modify the shape of the gums This gum cut can be done to treat certain conditions such as gingivitis. Or deep gingival problems That cannot be treated with antibiotics Or rooting of teeth Usually, the gingival process is done before gum problems have already damaged the root canal.

Sometimes gum cuts can be confused with Gum surgery (Gingivoplasty), which is a process of reshaping the gums. For aesthetic reasons, such as making teeth look longer Or make it look more beautiful Rather, the excision of the gums focuses on biopsy of the problem gums to treat the disease. While gum surgery focuses on beauty. However During gum surgery It may be necessary to have a gum cut. To adjust the shape of the gums to look beautiful as well

What kind of symptoms do you need to cut your gums?
Your dentist may recommend that you have your gum cut. If you have any of the following gum problems

Receding gums
Gum infection
Inflamed gums
Furrow problem
Gum injury
Dentists often recommend that people with gum disease be treated with gum cut. To prevent further damage to the gums It also makes it easier for dentists to maintain and clean teeth.

The dangers of cutting the gums
Due to the gum surgery process, it will cause gum lesions. Thus making it more vulnerable to infection Especially in the gum area, where bacteria are often accumulated, bacteria may also be able to enter the bloodstream. And can cause infections in the bloodstream Your doctor may need to give you antibiotics. To help reduce the risk of infection

The important thing is Before starting this process You should understand the risks and complications carefully. If you have any questions Please consult your doctor or surgeon for more information.

Preparation before getting a gum cut
Your dentist will need to check your symptoms. To make sure that Should you have to have your gums cut? After you have consulted with your doctor to be sure that you want to have gum surgery May be able to cut the gums at all Because the gum cutting process is only a minor surgery. And takes only about 30-60 minutes at a time, depending on the amount of gum that needs to be dissected

Gum cutting procedure

The gum cutting process takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the amount of gum that needs to be cut. And the steps are as follows

The dentist will inject an anesthetic into the gum where surgery is to be performed. So that you feel numb and not hurt
The doctor will use a scalpel. Or laser knife To cut a biopsy of the gum in the desired area
During the surgical process May need to suck out excess saliva from time to time.
After that the doctor may use a laser tool to trim the shape of the gums.
After completing the surgery The doctor will use gauze to cover the wound. And wait for the wound to heal This is done.
The gum cutting process is considered a minor surgery. And is usually completed in a single operation But if multiple gum cuts are needed, the doctor may divide it several times, waiting for the original wound to heal. Before the appointment to cut the gum later

Recovery after gum cutting
You can recover at home immediately after completing the gum cutting process. In the first period after surgery You may not be feeling any pain yet. Until the anesthetic disappears After that, you may feel pain. And discomfort in the gum area But can relieve pain By eating various pain relievers such as paracetamol. Or ibuprofen (ibuprofen)

You may also have symptoms of bleeding from the gums for several days. The wound should be washed and the scar covering every day. Until the wound is completely healed And the dentist recommends that the wound dressing can be removed

Do not rinse your mouth for 12 hours after surgery. After the event, you may be able to rinse your mouth with room temperature salt water. Can brush your teeth normally But should only brush the teeth and avoid the gum area. Avoid eating spicy and cold foods for a few days, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Risks after gum cutting
After gum surgery You may be at risk of infection. Please notify the doctor immediately. If you notice any of these symptoms after gum surgery

Signs of infection, such as

Swollen gums
Prolonged bleeding from the gums
Feel severe pain
Have a fever
If you notice those symptoms Should contact the doctor for treatment immediately.

You can reduce your risk of complications by following your doctor's advice.

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