I understand madden recordings voices of players

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I understand madden recordings voices of players

Post by Molianalex » Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:56 am

As he's yelling out pre-snap calls, his voice isn't his own, however a generic celebrity's voice and it is awful. It's so annoying and causes me to cringe. I don't care about any of those other features in the game. Maybe I am weird, but the only reason I play madden is to pretend my group moves on a super bowl run and play with the Madden 21 coins Broncos. Drew Lock is the heart of the team and the long run. This can be honesty making my experience unplayable.

I understand madden recordings voices of players during the entire year and he may have just had 5 starts last season, but how is this the best they could do? I've even heard generic voices in preceding madden games sound better than that. I will probably change his voice in the settings so I'm likely up in arms without any reason. But I also thought this sub would find a kick from my own frustration.

I know it sounds odd, yet to hear Lock sound like a whiny teenager, I can't help but get pissed. There are not many quarterbacks who have their voices in Madden, not every starting quarterback in the league. It's mainly just the elite or top men. Much better than providing EA $60 to get Madden 21. You put all this effort into this post and we can't even get a sound bite? C'mon man! Fantastic point. Alright I simply added a clip to the post. They only care about superstars as well as the Cowboys. He will have to get a couple advertisements or something before they even realize his presence.

I just bought Madden 21 final week, I mostly play 2k however I get the itch to play Madden during the NFL season.

I started enjoying Face of the Franchise and after an hour I had to quit because it was so corny. Who were they creating this narrative for? Do they believe people who like soap operas play Madden it is something my girlfriend could get into who knows NOTHING about football, but anybody who watches the sport...I don't even have to explain the absurd premise. What is so difficult about letting u play Highschool and faculty and based on your performance it dictates in which you go to buy mut coins madden 21 school and get drafted? Like I do I have to shed my starting QB job to somebody who has heart problems and we go to the same college like WTF?

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Re: I understand madden recordings voices of players

Post by dgcustomerev » Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:14 am

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Re: I understand madden recordings voices of players

Post by robertjohn5803 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 10:09 am

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