Czech yet? 7 things to clean up once a week Keep the house away from the filth

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Czech yet? 7 things to clean up once a week Keep the house away from the filth

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House cleaning can be a difficult task for many novice butler housewives because it actually looks like a lot of workload. Whether to wash the toilet Clean the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc., and sometimes we may neglect what should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Today in the house, it will take people to the web to see that What are some things that we should clean regularly? At least once a week Let's take a look and write it down. Will be รีวิวเกมสล็อต confident that we have cleaned the house where it is Should help to shorten the time And increase the convenience of doing household chores quite a bit

1. a worn dress / garment

In addition to clothes or dresses that are worn on a weekly basis, towels, handkerchiefs, as well as various fabrics That we use regularly It should be kept to wash and clean every week.

2.Kitchenware / kitchen equipment

Although our microwaves, refrigerators or ovens do not look very dirty. But in reality, these are sources of unwanted germs. Deserve to do should be very clean regularly


3. Furniture dusty.

Whether it is a desk Dining table Kitchen counter All the way to bed What should be done is to dust and wipe clean at least once a week. So as not to catch the dust and cause the atmosphere in the house to look dull and unappealing.

4.Rugs / doormats

Another point that accumulates dirt and should be cleaned regularly. That is, a carpet in the house or a doormat When washing the drum should be separated. Or not washing by hand So as not to spread the dirt into the washing drum

5. Bath / Shower

Bathtub and shower It is something that should be cleaned every week. Because of the right humidity and temperature Will cause the disease to grow rapidly They may also have a foul smell and reveal unsightly stains.

6. Countertop / wash basin

Around the bathroom counter or sink with a mirror This is another point that is a source of dirt accumulation. Should be cleaned every week for good hygiene.


7. Flushing

In addition to being something that we use on a regular basis. Sometimes the guests who visit our home may be people who use the toilet in our home. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean it on a weekly basis. So as not to cause dirt and odors

You know this, then check it out. That this week we have not cleaned anything

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